Courtney Wayne Simons, Ph.D.

Lake Campus Education & Human Svcs
Assistant Professor
Dwyer Hall 234, 7600 Lake Campus Dr, Celina, OH 45822-2921
937-775-8313, 419-586-0313

Courtney Simons, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Food Science. He is responsible for coordinating the Certificate, Associate and Bachelor’s Degree Concentrations in food science at the Lake Campus.

Education History: 

Ph.D., Cereal Science. North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND. August 2013

B.S., Food Science. North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND. December 2009


My current teaching assignment include FAS 2000 Introduction to Food Science, FAS 2110/2020 Food Processing Unit Operations/Laboratory, FAS 2300 Food Plant Sanitation and HACCP, and 4100 Food Laws and Regulations.

Research statement: 

The goal of my research is to understand the chemical, nutritional, and functional properties of edible bean flours (pinto, navy, black, and red beans). This information will help manufacturers of edible bean flour ingredients to formulate new functional foods to meet consumer needs. Edible bean flours are nutrient-dense. High consumption of edible beans have been found to improve general health and well-being, especially digestive health. My research has provided valuable insights on the effects of extrusion on the nutritional and sensory properties of beans flours.


Coordinator for Science Day Research Competition for Middle and High School Students in Mercer and Auglaize County


  1. Simons, C. W., Hall, C. and Biswas, A. 2016. Characterization of Pinto Bean High-Starch Fraction after Air-Classification and Extrusion. J Food Process Preserv. DOI: 10.1111/jfpp.13254 
  2. Simons, C. W., Hunt-Schmidt, E., Simsek., Hall, and C. Biswas, A. 2014. Texturized Pinto Bean Protein Fortification in Straight Dough Bread Formulation. Plant Foods Hum Nutr. 69(1)  
  3. Simons, C. W., Hall, C., Tulbek, M., Mendis, M., Heck, T., and Ogunyemi, S. 2014. Characterization and Acceptability of Pinto, Navy and Black Beans. J. Sci. of Food and Agric. DOI: 10.1002/jsfa.6948
  4. Simons, C. W., Hall, C. and Tulbek, M. 2012. Effect of Extruder Screw Speed on Physical Properties and In Vitro Starch Hydrolysis of Pinto, Navy, Red and Black Bean Extrudates. Cereal Chem. 89(3):176–181 

Conference Abstracts:

  1. Sensory evaluation of gluten-free cookies made with pinto beans. AACC International Conference, Savannah, Georgia. October 2016
  2. Growing location of Lariat pinto beans and its effect on lipoxygenase activity and grassy flavorsAACC International Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico. October 2013
  3. Properties of edible bean flours and their application in food processing. The 9th Canadian Pulse Research Workshop, Ontario, Canada. November 2012
  4. Composition and properties of pinto bean flour subjected to air classification and extrusion. AACC International Conference, Hollywood, Fl. October 2012
  5. Texturized pinto bean protein optimization in straight dough bread formulation. Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Conference, Las Vegas, NV. June 2012
  6. Characterization and acceptability of pinto, navy and black bean extrudates. AACC International Conference, Palm Springs, CA. October 2011
  7. Effect of additives on yellow pea gluten-free pasta processing parameters and product quality. AACC International Conference, Palm Springs, CA. October 2011 
  8. Effects of extruder speeds on physical properties and in vitro starch digestibility of pre-cooked edible beans. AACC International Conference, Savannah, GA. October 2010
Professional Affiliations/Memberships: 
  1. American Association of Cereal Chemists International (AACCI)
  2. Institute of Food Technologist (IFT)
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