Gary Onady, MD, PhD

GARY M ONADY MD, PhD studied classical and jazz trumpet at the University Of Cincinnati College-Conservatory Of Music. While attending Colorado State University Graduate School, Gary played lead trumpet with the CSU Statesmen, backing guest artists, which included Bill Watrous and Louis Bellson. He also played with the core group of musicians that later formed the jazz-fusion group Kinesis. Moving to New York to complete a PhD in chemistry at the City University of New York, Gary continued jazz studies with Claudio Roditi, after which he took a two decade music sabbatical to pursue a medicine career.


Dr. Onady graduated from Wright State University, School of Medicine and upon completing Medicine-Pediatrics residency training at Cleveland’s Metro-General Hospital (MetroHealth), established an academic medical career as a Medicine-Pediatrics residency program director.  He served as President of the Medicine-Pediatrics Program Directors Association and during this tenure drafted the modern version of the national Med-Peds Residency Training Curriculum and secured funding for Combined Med-Peds Residency Programs by writing Section 4627 of the 1997 Balanced Budget Act that was signed into law by President Clinton.  He additionally is proud to have had an active role in the formation of NMPRA, and served as their first faculty advisor, and has been honored by the organization with the creation of the Gary Onady Award.


Academic interests have transitioned in his second decade of teaching toward championing transitional care curricula abd developing undergraduate medical education curricula using Team-based Learning (TBL) to integrate a case based curriculum into the molecular biology and histology/physiology courses.  The improvisational aspect of TBL was a natural transition for Dr. Onady. Improvisational technique using Minimal Structure Theory evolved from his combined experience as a musician and physician leading to the development of a curriculum that combines observation and tacit knowing skills to improve patient-physician communication.  

Education History: 


Institution                                                                      Concentration                Degree/Date

Wright State University (WSU), Dayton, OH                    Medicine                       MD/1987

University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH                           Chemistry                     BS/1977


Institution                                                                      Concentration                Degree/Date    

Cleveland Metro General, Cleveland, OH             Med-Peds Residency    1987-1991

Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH            Pharmacology Fellow    1982-1984

City University of New York, New York, NY                     Chemistry                     PhD/1982



Course                                                                          Level                Dates

Staying Alive Active Learning Module                             Year 2               2016-present

Evidence-based Clinical Decision Making                       Year 2               2009-present

Introduction to Clinical Medicine/Newborn Exam             Year 2               2006-present

Molecular Basis of Medicine/TBL Director                       Year 1               2004-present

Cells Tissue Organ Systems Medicine/TBL Director         Year 1               2004-present

Respiratory Pharmacology Lecture                                 Year 2               2002-2003

Social-Ethics/Small Group Discussion Leader                 Year 1              2001-2012

Evidence-based Medicine (EBM)/Pediatric Clerkship       Year 3              2001-present

Introduction to Clinical Medicine/Physical Diagnosis       Year 1              1998-99; 2006-2008

Molecular Content/Tissue Biology Case Presentations     Year 1               1998-2003

Clinical Team-Learning Course Director                           Year 2               1998-2003

Introduction to Clinical Medicine/EBM Case Based          Year 2               1998-2002

Upper Respiratory Tract Disease/Lecture                        Year 2              1998-2002

Respiratory Tract Disease/Case Based                           Year 2              1998-2000

Congestive Heart Failure/Lecture                                    Year 2               1996-2002

Congestive Heart Failure/EBM Case Based                     Year 2               1996-2002        

Coronary Artery Disease/EBM Case Based                     Year 2               1996-2002

Introduction to Clinical Medicine Syncope Case Based    Year 2               1996-2001

Pediatric Inpatient Wards-1-2 months/year                      Year 3,4,GME   1991-present

Internal Medicine Inpatient Wards- 1-2 months/year          Year 3,4,GME   1991-present

Medicine-Pediatrics Ambulatory Clinic, 12 month/year     Year 3,4,GME   1991-2006;2010-12

Research statement: 


Optimizing the management of Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabete
Porphyrin adjuvant to inhaled tobramycin in treating CF pulmonary biofilm
Clinical trials of new pharmaceuticals in managing CF pulmonary disease and malabsorption
Utilization and quality assurance measures among primary care physicians
Personality disorders effects on parent-child health care
Methods in teaching Evidence-based Medicine in medical decision making
Methods in teaching Team-based Learning in medical education
Jazz improvisation skills training for physician to enhance physician-patient communication



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Publications-Web Based:

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Professional Affiliations/Memberships: 

Organization                                                      Status                                       Dates

American College of Physicians                         Member                                    1992-present

Med-Peds Program Directors Association          Member                                    1991-present

Executive Committee                 1994-1997

President                                  1995-1996

Association Pediatric Program Directors                        Member                                    1991-present

Association Program Directors Internal Medicine Member                                    1991-present

Education Committee                1997- 2001

American Academy of Pediatrics                       Fellow                                       1991-present

Med-Peds Section                                       Member                                    1997-present

American Medical Association                           Member                                    1987-present

      Section on Medical Schools                                    Representative                          1996-present    

American Chemical Society                                Member                                    1973-present


Title of Award                            Granting Association                                         Date

Outstanding Reviewer Award      American Association of Medical Colleges         2011
Outstanding Reviewer Award      American Association of Medical Colleges         2010    
Outstanding Alumni                   Wright State University                                      2001

Gary Onady Award                    National Med-Peds Residency Association         1999

Leadership Award                       Medicine-Pediatrics Program Directors Assn.    1998

Roentgen Award                        Wright State University School of Medicine        1987

Outstanding Senior Student       Dayton Academy of Medicine                            1987

Alpha Omega Alpha                  Wright State University                                      1987

Sigma Xi                                   City University New York                                    1981

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