Ioana Pavel, Ph.D.

Oelman Hall 464, 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy., Dayton, OH 45435-0001


  • General Chemistry I and II lecture (3 credit hours, maximum enrollment of 350 students)
  • General Chemistry I and II laboratory and recitation (2 credit hours, maximum enrollment of 275 students)
  • Experimental Nanoscience and Nanomaterials laboratory and recitation (3 credit hours, maximum enrollment of 15 students)
  • Physical Chemistry for Life Sciences lecture (3 credit hours, maximum enrollment of 5 students)
  • Critical Literature Analysis lecture (1 credit hour, maximum enrollment of 7 students)
  • Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology lecture (4 credits, maximum enrollment of 15 students)
  • Independent Reading
  • Special Problems in Chemistry
  • Other research related courses
Research statement: 



a) Engineering SERS-based nanosensors for cellular biomarkers

c) Developing analytical-based methodologies for examining the antiviral and antibacterial mechanism of noble metal nanoparticles and their cellular ADME

2.   ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY: Developing analytical-based methodologies for examining the environmental fate and transport of nanomaterials

3.   NANOTOXICOLOGY: Establishing the toxic effects of nanomaterials in human cells, animal, and plant tissues

4.   FORENSIC SCIENCES: Developing analytical-based methods for the detection of novel synthetic opioids in on-site and lab settings

5.   NANO-EDUCATION AND CHEMICAL EDUCATION: Inquiry-based teaching approaches, development of modern laboratory modules, and writing in science instruction



Imaging Lab: Raman and CytoViva hyperspectral imaging (458 Oelman Hall)

Wet-chemistry lab (456 Oelman Hall)

Nano-biotechnology / Cell culture room (214 Oelman Hall)



Ioana Emilia Pavel (former Sizemore)

Environmental Science and Technology 52, 2018, 2854-2862.

A Raman-based imaging method for characterizing the molecular adsorption and spatial distribution of silver nanoparticles to hydrated minerals surfaces.

S. W. Brittle, D. P. Foose, K. A. O'Neil, J. M. Sikon, J. K. Johnson, A. C. Stahler, J. Ryan, S. R. Higgins, and I. E. Sizemore


ACS Omega 3(1), 2018, 514-523.

A LC-MS/MS-based method for the multiplex detection of 24 fentanyl analogs and metabolites in whole blood at sub ng mL-1 concentrations.

K. E. Strayer, H. M. Antonides, M. Juhasick, R. Daniulaityte, and I. E. Sizemore


Small 13, 2017, 1603093(1-15).

Analytical-based methodologies for examining the in vitro ADMEs of silver nanoparticles

S. L. A. Paluri, J. D. Ryan, N. H. Lam, and I. E. Sizemore


Environmental Science & Technology 50, 2016, 7056-7065.

Freshwater crayfish: A potential benthic-zone indicator of nanosilver and ionic silver pollution

S. W. Brittle, S. L. A. Paluri, D. P. Foose, M. T. Ruis, M. T. Amato, N. H. Lam, B. Buttigieg, Z. E. Gagnon and I. E. Sizemore


Journal of Open Research Software 4(e4), 2016, 1-8.

Vespucci: A Free, Cross-Platform Tool for Spectroscopic Data Analysis and Imaging

D. P. Foose and I. Sizemore


Journal of Chemical Education 92, 2015, 350-354.

Introducing “green” and “non-green” aspects of noble metal nanoparticle synthesis: An inquiry-based laboratory experiment for chemistry and engineering students

S. L. A. Paluri, M. L. Edwards, N. H. Lam, E. M. Williams, A. Meyerhoefer  and I. Sizemore


Bone 53, 2013, 421-429.

Evaluating the abnormal ossification in tibiotarsi of developing chick embryos exposed to 1.0 ppm doses of platinum group metals by spectroscopic techniques

A. C. Stahler, J. L. Monahan, J. M. Dagher, J. D. Baker, M. M. Markopoulos, D. B. Iragena, B. M. NeJame, R. Slaughter, D. Felker, L. W. Burggraf, L. A. C. Isaac, D. Grossie, Z. E. Gagnon and I. Sizemore


The New England Journal of Medicine 370(1), 2013, 88-89.

Mechanism of Drug Failure in Fusarium Keratitis, 2004-2006.

J. D. Bullock, L. B. Elder, R. E. Warwar, S. A. Snyder and I. Sizemore


Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry 32(1), 2013, 146-156.

Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) tracking of chelerythrine, a Na+/K+ pump inhibitor, into cytosol and plasma membrane fractions of human lens epithelial cell cultures

K. M. Dorney, I. E. Sizemore, T. Alqahtani, N. C. Adragna, and P. K. Lauf


Journal of the American Chemical Society 132, 2010, 10970-10972.

Size selection and concentration of silver nanoparticles by tangential flow ultrafiltration for SERS-based biosensors

J.C. Trefry, J.L. Monahan, K.M. Weaver, A.J. Meyerhoefer, M.M. Markopoulos, Z.S. Arnold, D.P. Wooley and I. Pavel



Current graduate research students:

1. Praveen A. Kumar - Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences

2. Mia Burnett - Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences

3. Kristina Steingass - M.S. in Chemistry

4. Lirim Sopaj - M.S. in Chemistry


Current undergraduate research students:

1. Jeremiah Pennick - Chemistry

2. Josh Stanley - Health and Fitness

3. Peter Papaioannou - Neuroscience

4. Paula L. Silva - Biology

5. Patrick Graska - Crime and Justice Studies

6. Whitney White - Biology

7. Caitlyn Harris - Biomedical Engineering, PreMed

8. Jessica Williams - Chemistry

9. Marie Chantal Dusabe - Pharmacy

10. Samuel J. Herndon - Biomedical Engineering


Past graduate research students:

1. 2017-2019, Mia Burnett - M.S. in Chemistry

2. 2017-2019, Miriam Crane  - M.S. in Chemistry

3. 2017-2019, Ashley Wilcox  - M.S. in Chemistry

4. 2016-2018, Kelsey Hood -  - M.S. in Chemistry

5. 2016-2018, John Ryan - M.S. in Chemistry

6. 2016-2018, Kraig Strayer - M.S. in Chemistry

7. 2010-2017, Marjorie Markopolous - Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences

8. 2015-2017, Greg Bowers - M.S. in Chemistry

9. 2015-2017, Ali Md. Akbar - M.S. in Chemistry

10.  2011-2017, Arathi Sesha Paluri - Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences

11.   2012-2016, Seth Brittle - Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences

12.   2014-2014, Daniel Foose - M.S. in Chemistry

13.   2014-2016, Kevin O'Neil - M.S. in Chemistry

14.   2012-2014, Michelle L. Edwards – M.S. in Chemistry

15.    2012 – 2014, Jessica L. Fraley – M.S. in Chemistry

16.   2012-2014, Kevin M. Dorney – M.S. in Chemistry

17.  2011-2015, Jessica Dagher – M.S. in Chemistry

18.    2010-2012, Adam C. Stahler – M.S. in Chemistry

19.   2010-2012, Catherine B. Anders – M.S. in Chemistry

20.   2010-2012, Joshua D. Baker – M.S. in Chemistry

21.  2010-2011, Arathi Sesha L. Paluri – M.S. in Pharmacology and Toxicology

22.  2010-2011, Marjorie M. Markopoulos – M.S. in Pharmacology and Toxicology

23.  2008-2010, Jennifer Monahan – M.S. in Chemistry


Past undergraduate research students:

1. Nhi Lam - Chemistry

2. Daniel Foose - Chemistry

3. Trevor Bobka - Chemistry

4. Valerie N. Dagher - Chemistry

5. Allie Meyerhoefer - Environmental Sciences

6. Tala Ebrahimian - Biological Sciences

7. Elizabeth Williams - Biological Sciences

8. Austin Williams - Biological Sciences

9. Zachary Arnold - Chemistry

10. Tazeen Ahmed - Biological Sciences

11. Diane Iragena - Chemistry

12. Alice Chang - Chemistry

13. Tai Lam - Clinical Laboratory Sciences

14. Garrett Case - Biomedical Engineering

15. Kent Weaver - Chemistry and Physics

16. Jessica Dagher - Chemistry

17. Jerry K. Lawson - Biological Sciences

18. Emily Artz - Psychology

19. Alekya Mudireddy - Biomedical Engineering

20. Hemmelgarn Caleb - Biomedical Engineering

21. Ashley Wilcox - Chemistry

22. Miriam Crane - Chemistry

23. Janice Sikon - Chemistry

24. John Ryan - Chemistry

25. Travis Keeling - Chemistry

26. Carissa Meyers - Chemistry and Physics

27. Benjamin Secor - Biomedical Engineering

28. Cody Fourman - Chemistry

29. Reem Hanna Al-Kass - Chemistry

30. Alex Gilman - PreMed

31. Stephanie Williamson - PreMed

32. Allison Raskan - Chemistry

33. Kristina Noelle Steingass - Chemistry


ASK undergraduate research students

1. Stefanie Grace Burban - Biology

2. Matt Muncrief - PreMed


Grad-Prep student:

2012-2013, Candra McDonald -  B.S. in Biology


Honors undergraduate research students:

1. 2013-2015, Nhi Lam - B.S. in Chemistry

2. 2011-2012, Austin Williams - B.S. in Biology


FSU-RISE undergraduate student:

2013 summer term, Juliely Niyogushima - B.S. in Chemistry


STREAMS undergraduate students:

1. 2015 summer term, Jasmine Johnson  - B.S. in Chemistry

2. 2012 summer term, Juliely Niyogushima - B.S. in Chemistry



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