Jared A. Smith

Undergraduate Student
Student college:
Raj Soin College of Business
Student major:
Management Info Systems

Jared Smith is a local technology expert serving the Springfield and Columbus, Ohio areas with over 5 years of experience in the field. Some of his experience includes managing Chromebooks for educational purposes, repairing broken hardware within computers and software management. He is currently a senior at Kenton Ridge High School and plans to graduate May 2017. Jared is referred in the technological field as “DJ Jazzy Jared and Jman”. Jared is most known for the large amount of community service performed to help better the technology experience for the elderly. He’s also a DJ in his spare time for various events including school dances, pool parties and graduation parties.

Throughout Jared’s career with technology, he’s been involved in many situations that have built and created his passion for the field. Some of these situations include troubleshooting network issues and creating new themes for company web pages. Jared has completed several projects that have helped save time such as installing a device that permitted the Kenton Ridge Band’s Apple TV to be viewed on 2 different screens at the same time. This has helped the director to show programs to the entire band at the same time. Another ongoing project Jared has been actively involved in is using the program, Configurator, made by Apple to find more efficient ways to produce the same amount of management to devices without having to manually touch each device. This project has been very successful thus far and Jared is still looking for ways to improve the process to increase productivity.

Almost all of Jared’s work is community service. Thus far, Jared has over 825 service hours and has just completed the 1st semester of his Junior year. Some of his community service consists of assisting the technology aid at Kenton Ridge High School and managing multiple local company’s social media presence online. Jared enjoys giving back to the community by helping people with their technology needs rather than charging an outrageous fee


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