Christina Stroh

Graduate Student
Student college:
School of Medicine
Student major:
Pharmacology + Toxicology



Christina A. Stroh, BS





Wright State University                                               Dayton, OH

Boonshoft School of Medicine                                      January 2020 - Present

Pharmacology and Toxicology Graduate Student


Marshall University                                                     Huntington, WV

27 Semester Hours Post Graduate Studies                   June 2006 - May 2008


Marshall University                                                     Huntington, WV

Biological Sciences Degree, Bachelor of Science          May 2001

Minor: Chemistry


Columbus State Community College                           Columbus, OH

3 Semester Hours                                                        Summer 2000


Marshall University                                                     Huntington, WV

Biological Sciences                                                       August 1993 – December 1996


Southern West Virginia Community College               Williamson, WV

27 Semester Hours                                                      August 1991 – May 1992




Supervisor, Quality Review Study Coordination, Covance, Chantilly, VA                      3/2018-6/2018

- Supervised the Quality Review and Study Coordination teams responsible for providing GLP/GCP study data;

- Identified areas for improvement for enhancing the 22 team members’ work/life balance;

- Initiated monthly team building events specifically crafted to inspire, motivate and increase team cohesiveness;

- Interfaced with sponsors/clients, Project Managers, Lead Scientists and Principal Investigators;

- Routinely praised for enthusiasm, work ethic and optimism.


Chief, Quality Assurance, Dept of the Air Force, WPAFB, OH                                 11/2012-11/2016

- Quality Assurance program management;

- Led the quality assurance team responsible for maintaining a high level of quality for the Occupational Environmental Analytical division;

- Developed a staff of auditors in conducting audits, detailing and issuing audit reports, evaluating responses to audit reports, ensuring resolution and monitoring the effectiveness of corrective actions for the division’s operations;

- Briefed all levels of management for three independent laboratories (Radiation Dosimetry, Industrial Hygiene, and Radiochemistry) on the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality assurance program;

- Teamed with the Dosimetry, Industrial Hygiene and Radioanalytical laboratories in establishing a consolidated

 ISO 17025 Quality Management System (QMS);

- Advised leadership and staff in the QMS planning and restructuring of information;

- Authored, edited and reviewed quality assurance and general Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)’s;

- Audited and reviewed the laboratories’ technical SOPs for compliance with applicable regulations, policies, procedures and laws;

- Maintained, prioritized and managed the production cycle for QA documents, SOPs and audit reports;

- Teamed with the Industrial Hygiene laboratory staff and the database development team in creating a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS);

- Validated the initial version of the LIMS met all specified components of the laboratory’s requirements document;

- Coordinated multiple inspections and audits performed by internal auditors, accrediting bodies and other Federal agencies;

- Designed and provided training on quality assurance and regulatory requirements for a staff of 50 personnel;

- Routinely praised for my skill at interfacing with multiple departments, handling several projects simultaneously and communicating across the organization.


Researcher, Quality Assurance, Battelle, WPAFB, OH                                                     5/2011-11/2012

- Provided quality assurance knowledge to the USAF ESOH Radioanalytical laboratory on DoD ELAP/ISO 17025 accreditation requirements;

- Performed a gap analyses on quality assurance requirements and identified areas of improvement necessary to obtain accreditation;

- Conducted audits on technical operations and reported all findings obtained in clear, concise reports;

- Established procedures for quality assurance requirements and implemented standard quality practices;

- Created a Quality Plan optimized for quality operations focused on continual improvement efforts;

- Routinely praised for my diligent efforts and meticulousness in assessing the lab’s quality program and technical operations.


Quality Assurance Auditor, Battelle, West Jefferson, OH               12/2002-8/2003,     6/2009-5/2011

- Assessed conformance with procedures/standards for chemical, biological and pre-clinical pharmaceutical product development GLP research activities;

- Performed in-lab inspections including protocol driven events, study data, facility records and final reports;

- Authored standard operating procedures, checklists and reports for quality assurance activities;

- Routinely praised for my discipline in rigorously auditing records and critical phases of multiple concurrent studies.


Safety Pharmacology Technician, Battelle, Columbus, OH                                         6/2001-12/2002

- Executed study coordination of multiple concurrent pre-clinical pharmaceutical product development GLP research study logistics such as dosing timelines, sample specimen collection timelines and sample analysis coordination;

- Controlled records of study data and drafting guidance such as schedules, protocols and sample analysis outlines;

- Interfaced directly with sponsors/clients, project managers, lead scientists, Study Directors and technical staff;

- Routinely praised for my attentive organizational skills and ability to manage multiple resources while meeting aggressive timelines.


Dose Formulation Technician, Battelle, Columbus, OH                                                4/2000-6/2001

- Formulated doses for administration to test subjects in GLP pre-clinical pharmaceutical contracted studies;

- Performed bench-work and other routine laboratory tasks in accordance with established practices;

- Constructed and implemented training developments for hazardous chemical laboratory procedures;

- Routinely praised for being an effective Team Lead in ensuring effective communication between the laboratory, technical staff and sponsors occurred.








FDA 21CFR 11

FDA 21CFR 50

FDA 21 CFR 312

FDA 21 CFR 314







HHS 45CFR 46



ISO 9001

ISO 17025













Civilian of the Quarter                                                                                                December 2013

Department of the Air Force, Occupational Environmental Analytical Services Division

Outstanding Performance Award                                                                                June 2012

Battelle Memorial Institute, Medical Readiness Response

Living Battelle Values                                                                                                  May 2012

Battelle Memorial Institute

Key Contributor Award                                                                                              November 2001

Battelle Memorial Institute, Safety Pharmacology




Six Sigma Green Belt                                                                                                   May 2020

Wright State University




Previous member of the Mid-Atlantic Region Society of Quality Assurance (SQA)                     





Blood borne Pathogens Training, Battelle Memorial Institute, OH                        July 2003, August 2009

Respiratory Protection Training for N95/PAPR Respirators, Battelle Memorial Institute, July 2003, August 2009

Herpes B Prevention Training, Battelle Memorial Institute, OH                           July 2003, August 2009

Allergen Training, Battelle Memorial Institute, OH                                             July 2003, August 2009

Zoonosis Training, Battelle Memorial Institute, OH                                            July 2003, August 2009

General Biosafety Training, Battelle Memorial Institute, OH                               July 2003, August 2009

Infectious Waste Treatment Facility Training, Battelle Memorial Institute, OH       July 2003, August 2009


Environmental Safety and Health Training, Battelle Memorial Institute, OH      Annually 2000 -2003, 2009 -2011

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Training, Battelle Memorial Institute, Annually 2000 -2003

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Training, Battelle Memorial Institute, Annually 2009 - 2011

Facility Safety and Security Training, Battelle Memorial Institute, OH Annually 2000 -2003, 2009 - 2011


Introduction to Chemical Agent Hazards, Battelle Memorial Institute, OH            July 2003, August 2009

Select Agent Security Training, Battelle Memorial Institute, OH                          July 2003, August 2009

Actively Used Bio-Agent Training, Battelle Memorial Institute, OH                    July 2003, August 2009


Ethical Principles and Codes: Belmont Report, CITI Program, WSU                                May 2020

Ethical Principles and Codes: Declaration of Helsinki, CITI Program, WSU                        May 2020

Ethical Principles and Codes: Nuremberg Code, CITI Program, WSU                              May 2020

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and ICH, CITI Program, WSU                                          May 2020

Biomedical Research Investigators, CITI Program, WSU                                                May 2020

Responsible Conduct of Research, CITI Program, WSU                                                  May 2020

Social/Behavioral Investigator, CITI Program, WSU                                                       June 2020

Information Privacy Security (IPS), CITI Program, WSU                                                June 2020


Difficult Conversations                                                                                                 March 2020

Leadership Emotional Intelligence                                                                                 March 2020

The Slings and Arrows of Academe: Survive to Get What You Need                               March 2020

Cost Analysis                                                                                                               March 2020

Win/Win with Peers: Make Allies, Not Enemies                                                             March 2020

Meeting Behaviors: Verbal and Nonverbal                                                                      February 2020

Manuscript Review                                                                                                       February 2020

A Delicate Art: Manage Your Boss                                                                                February 2020

Grant Review                                                                                                               February 2020

A Herd of Cats: Managing Scientists                                                                              February 2020

Negotiating for Something of Value to You                                                                    February 2020

Gordian Knots: Solve the Toughest Problems Through Negotiation                                  February 2020

Delivering PowerPoint Presentations                                                                              February 2020

Elevator Speeches                                                                                                         January 2020

Publications                                                                                                                  January 2020

The Mote in Your Own Eye: Manage Yourself First                                                        January 2020

People Who Do Science: Who Are They and Who They Can Be                                      January 2020

Hiring a Laboratory Manager                                                                                         January 2020

Developing a CV, a Letter of Application and a Reference Letter                                     January 2020

Developing an Independent Development Plan                                                               January 2020


Office Equipment: Overhead Projectors, Laser Pointers, Calculators, Printers, Scanners, Copiers, Telephones and Personal Computers.  Proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Adobe Pro, and Microsoft Project, Minitab.  Experienced in data file conversions and management.


Radiation Safety and Awareness Training, United States Air Force, WPAFP, OH                   June 2012

Environmental Radiochemistry Safety Practices, Nuclear Technology Services, Alpharetta, GA      November 2011

Gamma Spectroscopy Theory, Canberra, Meriden, CT                                                    September 2011

Multi-Agency Radiological Laboratory Analytical Protocols Practical Training, Berkeley, CA   June 2011


Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Training, Department of Defense, La Jolla, CA     March 2012

ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and Laboratory Accreditation Training, A2LA, Columbus, OH September 2011

Good Laboratory Practice Regulation Training, Battelle Memorial Institute,       Annually 2000 -2003, 2009 - 2011

Good Laboratory Practices Fundamentals, Mid-Atlantic Region Society of Quality Assurance, May 2003





Ceramide-enriched Exosomes in Alzheimer’s Disease: Role in Pathophysiology & Novel Pharmacological Target                                                                                                          January 2020

Modulating the Microbiome as a Preventative Approach to Mitigating the Effects of Microgravity Exposure                                                                                                                       February 2020

The Sword of Damocles: Emerging Challenges of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Defense                                                                                                        February 2020

From Murder to Mechanisms: 7000 Years of Toxicology’s Evolution                               September 2020




Joy, J., Roush, C., Field Study: Hourly appearance of calliphorid larvae as a function of ambient temperature.  Medical Entomology, Department of Biological Sciences, Marshall University,

Huntington, WV.  Fall 2006




West Virginia Entomological Society Annual Conference                                         January 2007

North Bend State Park, WV

"Forensic Entomology: Hourly appearance of calliphorid larvae as a function of ambient temperature".  (Selected for presentation of research through a competitive process within the Department of Biological Sciences, Marshall University).


Quality Control vs Quality Assurance                                                                            April 2014

Air Force Institute of Technology, WPAFB, OH

Fundamental differences in the science of quality control and quality assurance.






Department of Defense (DoD) 9th Annual Environmental Monitoring and Data Quality Workshop   Technical training sessions, technical presentations, a plenary session featuring distinguished speakers, a Q&A forum, component meetings, a poster session / meet & greet, an update on the DoD ELAP.

March 26 – 29 2012. La Jolla, California




Volunteer                                                                                                             May 23 – 26, 2002

Memorial Golf Tournament, Dublin, OH

Served beverages at the 12th Hole Beer tent; Drove rental cars from dealership to the golf course for the Professional Golfers Association tour players.


Patient and Family Support Volunteer                                                                       2006 - 2007

Hospice of Huntington, Huntington, WV

Visit patients wherever patients call home, such as private homes, nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Often the experience was like visiting a friend while the caregiver runs an errand or who simply takes a much-needed break.



Curriculum Vitae: 
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