Ulas Sunar, Ph.D.

Biomed Indust & Human Factor Engr

Dr. Sunar is an Associate Professor and Ohio Research Scholar in Medical Imaging in the Dept. of Biomed., Indust. & Human Factors Engineering. He earned his Ph.D. degree in the Dept of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia in the research area of diffuse optical imaging. He was an Assistant Professor in Roswell Park Cancer Institute and Research Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at University at Buffalo-State University of New York. Research areas include: Quantitative characterization of diseases and the brain function in preclinical and clinical settings. There are two main focus: Neuronal diseases (Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), stroke and Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)) and Cancer (oral, ovarian and lung cancer).  Particular focus of imaging techniques: functional near infrared spectroscopy (for tissue blood oxygenation), diffuse correlation spectroscopy (for tissue blood flow), multi-spectral diffuse optical imaging (for oxygen metabolism) and fluorescence tomography (for drug concentration distribution). Thus, our quantitated imaging biomarkers include: tissue blood flow, oxygenation, oxygen metabolism and drug concentration. For the details of the research projects, please visit the research webpage.


BME-7980: Biomedical Optics (with Preclinical and Clinical Applications)

BME-6980: Optical Imaging

BME-7980-08: Seminars in Imaging

BME-7980-06: Neurophotonics and Optical Brain Mapping

Research Statement

Research areas include: Quantitative imaging of diseases and the brain function in preclinical and clinical settings. Multi-modal imaging-guided intervention and therapy optimization. Particular focus of imaging techniques is multi-spectral diffuse optical imaging, fluorescence tomography and photoacoustic imaging. Quantitated imaging biomarkers include tissue blood flow, oxygenation and drug concentration by using the mathematical modeling of light diffusion in tissue and image reconstruction algorithms.

Our research focuses on the development of novel, noninvasive in vivo optical imaging techniques for monitoring the brain function and cancer therapy. For details:




Students Advised

  • Chien Sing Poon
  • Dhar Langri
  • Ben Rinehart
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