Awad Halabi, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Millett Hall 364, 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy., Dayton, OH 45435-0001


Ph.D. - University of Toronto, 2006
M.A. - Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University, 1993
B.A. - University of Toronto, 1991
Modern Middle East History
European Colonialism and Expansion in the Middle East
Islamic Religious Tradition and Ritual

"The Transformation of the Prophet Moses Festival in Late Ottoman Jerusalem (1850-1917): From Traditional Pilgrimate to Civil Ritual," Journal of Ritual Studies, 32 (2) 2018: 1-13 (forthcoming)

“Liminal Loyalties: Ottomanism and Palestinian Responses to the Turkish War of Independence, 1919-1922,” Journal of Palestine Studies, Spring 2012, Vol. 41 No. 3:19-37.

“Islamic Ritual and Palestinian Nationalism: al-Hajj Amin and the Prophet Moses Festival in Jerusalem, 1921 to 1936,” in Jerusalem Interrupted: Modernity and Colonial Transformation 1917-Present, ed. Lena Jayyusi. (Northampton, MA: Interlink Publishing: 2013).

“Symbols of Hegemony and Resistance: Banners and Flags in British-ruled Palestine,” Jerusalem Quarterly, Winter 36 2009: 66-78. 

"Tradition and the Tombs of the Prophet Moses: The Medieval islamic Period," Saints and the Sacred: Proceedings of a Saint Michael's College Symoposium , (New York, 2001), 25-34

Current Project:

Rituals of Palestinian Identity: The Nabi Musa Festival in Jerusalem, 1850-1948

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