Charles S. Gulas, Ph.D.

Professor of Marketing
Rike Hall 233, 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy., Dayton, OH 45435-0001


Ph.D.    University of Massachusetts Amherst

MBA    Williamson School of Business - Youngstown State University

BS     Williamson School of Business - Youngstown State University


Work History

Wright State University - Raj Soin College of Business – Department of Marketing

Professor                       2010-present
Associate Professor        2000/2010
Assistant Professor        1994/2000

Funny Business
P.O. Box 5292; Poland, OH  44514
Sole Proprietor:    1988-90


Maidenform, Inc.
90 Park Avenue, New York, NY  10016

Key Account Representative: Chicago, IL 1987-88
Sales Representative: Toledo, OH  1986-1987




Courses Taught

Marketing Strategy (graduate)

Integrated Marketing Communications (undergraduate)

Marketing Strategy (undergraduate)

Principles of Marketing (undergraduate)



Research statement: 

My research is primarily focused on advertising and marketing communications.

A partial list of published research:

Book Publications

Gulas, Charles S., Marc G. Weinberger and Kunal Swani (forthcoming 2016), “Humor and Violence,” Wiley Handbook of Violence and Aggression, Peter Sturmey, ed.

Gulas, Charles S., Kim K. McKeage and Marc G. Weinberger (2014), “It’s Just a Joke: Violence against Males in Humorous Advertising in Advertising and Violence: Concepts and Perspectives Nora J. Rifon; Marla B. Royne; Les Carlson (eds.) Armonk, NY M.E. Sharpe.  (Reprinted from 2010 Journal of Advertising article listed below). 45-59.

Weinberger, Marc G., Charles S. Gulas and Michelle F. Weinberger (2012), “Culture as Expressed through Advertising Humour,” in Handbook of Developments in Consumer Behaviour, Victoria Wells and Gordon Foxall (eds.), Edward Elgar Publishing. 83-117.

Gulas, Charles S. and Marc G. Weinberger (2010), “That’s Not Funny Here:  Humorous Advertising across Boundaries,” in Translation, Humour and the Media, Delia Chiaro, ed. London:  Continuum Books. 17-33.

Gulas, Charles S. and Marc G. Weinberger (2006), Humor in Advertising: A Comprehensive Analysis, Armonk, NY:  M. E. Sharpe, Inc. (ISBN 0-7656-1613-0).

Gulas, Charles S. and Marc G. Weinberger (2003), “Humor” in The Advertising Age Encyclopedia of Advertising, John McDonough, ed., New York:  Fitzroy Dearborn.  824-828.

Xue, Zhiming and Charles S. Gulas (2002), “Continuous Improvement in College Teaching:  An Application of Statistical Tools,” in Fundamental Concepts of Quality Improvement. Hartman, Melissa G. ed., Milwaukee, WI: ASQ Quality Press, 273-284 (Reprinted from ASQC Proceedings listed below).

Journal Publications

Weinberger, Marc G. Charles S. Gulas and Michelle F. Weinberger (2015), “Looking in Through Outdoor: A Socio-Cultural and Historical Perspective on the Evolution of Advertising Humor.” International Journal of Advertising 34 (3) 447-472.

Swani, Kunal, Marc G. Weinberger, and Charles S. Gulas (2013), “The Impact of Violent Humor on Advertising Success: A Gender Perspective.” Journal of Advertising. 42 (4) 308-319.

McKeage, Kim K. and Charles S. Gulas (2013), “Relationships, Roles, and Consumer Identity in Services Marketing,” Services Marketing Quarterly. 34 (3) 231-239.

Gulas, Charles S. and James E. Larsen (2012), “Silence is Not Golden: Firm Response and Non-response to Consumer Correspondence,” Services Marketing Quarterly 33(3) 261-275.

Gulas, Charles S., Kim K. McKeage and Marc G. Weinberger (2010), “It’s Just a Joke: Violence against Males in Humorous Advertising,” Journal of Advertising. 39(4) 109-120. (reprinted in 2014 Rifon, Royne, Carlson book listed above).

Gulas, Charles S., James E. Larsen and Joseph W. Coleman (2009), "Brand and Message Recall: The Effects of Situational Involvement and Brand Symbols in the Marketing of Real Estate Services," Services Marketing Quarterly. 30 (4) 333-341.

Larsen, James E., Charles S. Gulas, Joseph W. Coleman (2008), “Residential Real Estate Marketing Activities:  What Works, What Doesn’t.” Real Estate Review. 37 (3) 97-110.

Gulas, Charles S. and Robert Premus (2008), “Inventing Flight:  A Once-In-A-Lifetime Business Opportunity,” Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences. 18 (1) 43-62.

Larsen, James E., Joseph W. Coleman and Charles S. Gulas (2008), “Using Public Perception to Investigate Real Estate Brokerage Promotional Outlet Effectiveness,” Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education. 11 (2) 159-177.

Gulas, Charles S., Robert Premus, John P. Blair (2008), “Choosing a Business Location at Startup:  A Case Study,” Business Journal for Entrepreneurs. 2008 (3) 1-31.

Flaherty, Karen, Marc G. Weinberger and Charles S. Gulas (2004), “The Impact of Perceived Humor, Product Type, and Humor Style in Radio Advertising,” Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising.  26 (1) 25-36.

Gulas, Charles S. and Kim McKeage (2004), “The Memetics of Transcendent Places,” Advances in Consumer Research 31 (1) 468-472.

Gulas, Charles S. and Kim McKeage (2000), “Extending Social Comparison:  An Examination of the Unintended Consequences of Idealized Advertising Imagery,” Journal of Advertising. 29 (2) 17-28. 

Campbell, Leland, Charles S. Gulas and Thomas S. Gruca (1999), “Corporate Giving Behavior and Decision-Maker Social Consciousness,” Journal of Business Ethics. 19 (4) 375-383.

Gulas, Charles S. (1996), “Atmospherics:  Maintaining and Motivating Consumers,” Journal of Academy of Business Administration.  2 (1) 46-54.

Banerjee, Subhabrata, Charles S. Gulas, and Easwar Iyer (1995), “Shades of Green:  A Multidimensional Analysis of Environmental Advertising,” Journal of Advertising. 24 (2) 21-31.

Gulas, Charles S. and Peter H. Bloch (1995), “Right Under our Noses:  Ambient Scent and Consumer Responses,” Journal of Business & Psychology. 10 (1) 87- 98.

Iyer, Easwar, Bobby Banerjee and Charles S. Gulas (1994), “An Expose’ on Green Television Ads,” Advances in Consumer Research 21(1) 292-298.

Weinberger, Marc G. and Charles S. Gulas (1992), “The Impact of Humor in Advertising:  A Review,” Journal of Advertising, 21 (4) 35-59.

Maskulka, James M. and Charles S. Gulas (1987), “The Long-term Dangers of Gray-Market Sales,” Business, 37 (1) 25-31.


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