Dan Noel, Ph.D.

Leadership Studies in Educ
Senior Lecturer and Director of Community-Based Learning
Millett 457, 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy, Dayton, OH 45435-0001

2023 Fall Office Hours (Virtual using Webex)  *It is suggested to email first to schedule an appointment for virtual meetings at Dan.Noel@wright.edu 

Due to a university-wide effort to relocate office spaces, I am holding virtual meetings (Webex) for students who request them by email.  Often I can be available within same-day requests. 

Dan Noel is passionate about helping leaders grow; promoting areas of leadership and leadership development. The decades spanning his career have included various leadership positions in higher education, developing and directing community mental health programs as a licensed practitioner, and serving in pastoral church ministry. Dan has been a presenter at regional and international conferences, and has facilitated leadership training for many organizational groups, including sales, health care, human resources, city / state employee trainings, church denominations, higher education, and various non-profits. He currently serves as a Senior Lecturer and Program Director of the Organizational Leadership degree at Wright State University, teaching both undergraduates and graduate students. Dan holds various degrees in leadership, psychology, counseling, and instructional design.  He is also certified as an Instructor for Gallup Strengths and certified to administer and interpret the Group Development Questionnaire (GDQ). He directs Community-Based Learning for the Department of Leadership Studies in Education and Organizations, providing supervision for students who serve at various non-profit organizations and agencies. 


Since the early 1990's, Dan has served many institutions of higher education, teaching in undergraduate and graduate areas of:

Organizational Behavior; Team / Group Dynamics; Research Methods; Ethical Leadership; Leadership Foundations; Community-Based Learning (service learning); Strategic Leadership; Communications; Leadership and Christian Ministry; Crisis Intervention; and others.


West, R. C., and Noel, D. N. (2013).  Situational Discipleship:  The five-fold ministry roles of Ephesians 4:11 and their relationship to the Situational Leadership model. Journal of Culture and Religion (3).  Arlington, TX: Franklin Publishing.

Noel, D., Stover, S., & McNutt, M. (2015) Student perceptions of engagement using mobile-based polling as an audience response system: Implications for leadership studies. Journal of Leadership Education, DOI: 1012806/V14/I3/R4.

Noel, D., Stover, S., McNutt, M., (2015).  Revisiting use of real-time polling for learning transfer.  Journal of Teaching and Learning With Technology, 4(1), 40-60.  doi: 10.14434/jotlt.v4n1.13002

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