Deberah England, B.S.C., M.A., MLIS

Library Collection Services
Electronic Resources Librarian, University Libraries
P L Dunbar Library 120, 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy., Dayton, OH 45435-0001

As the Electronic Resources Librarian, I manage the licensing, activation and maintenance of electronic resources and administer the Libraries' ERM System.  In addition, I assist with e-resources acquisitions and serve on the E-Resources Troubleshooting Team to resolve access issues.  As the Libraries' ERL, I work with the Libraries' collection selectors and technology services colleagues as well as publishers and vendors to establish and maintain access to the Libraries' and consortium provided e-resources.

Education History

Master of Arts. Ohio University. Athens, Ohio. 1985

Master of Library and Information Science. Kent State University. Kent, Ohio. 2001

Bachelor of Science in Communication. Ohio University. Athens, Ohio. 1983

Associate in Applied Science. Ohio University. Athens, Ohio. 1982


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