Akshay Hira

Graduate Student
Student college:
College of Science & Math
Student major:
Biomedical Sciences

Curriculum Vitae

CV_AkshayHira.pdf 226.97 KB

Education History

  • B.Tech (Biotechnology) Amity University, India (2014)
  • M.S. (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) Wright State University (2019)


  1. Hira, A. (2019). TIP60 regulation of DNp63a is associated with cisplatin resistance. (OhioLINK Electronic Thesis or Dissertation)
  2. Stacy, A. J., Zhang, J., Craig, M. P., Hira, A., Dole, N., & Kadakia, M. P. (2019). TIP60 up-regulates DeltaNp63alpha to promote cellular proliferation. J Biol Chem, 294(45), 17007-17016



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