Hongmei Ren, Ph.D.

Biochemistry/Molecular Biology-COSM
Associate Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Diggs Laboratory 148, 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy, Dayton, OH 45435-0001


Ph.D: Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition, London Metropolitan University (2007)
Postdoctoral: Cardiovascular Research Center, University of Kentucky (Dr. Andrew Morris)

Research Statement

Dr. Ren’s research interests focus on lipid metabolism, its association with autophagic clearance of mitochondria (mitophagy) and homeostasis, and its effects on cardiac and skeletal muscle function. Dysfunctional mitophagy contributes to a number of human metabolic diseases, including aging, neurodegenerative disease, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Discovering pathways controlling clearance of damaged mitochondria is critical for developing treatments for these diseases. Dr. Ren’s laboratory recently discovered that lipin1, which catalyzes the penultimate step in triglyceride synthesis, is critical for mitophagy. Her current study is exploring the role of dysfunctional mitochondrial clearance associated with lipin1 deficiency in skeletal muscle physiology and pathology.



PhD students

08/2018 - Present                   Abdulrahman Jama

01/2018 - Present                   Abdullah A Alshudukhi


Master students 

10/2020-Present                       Alexandra Sue Brown

10/2019-Present                        Rajsi Yogeshkumar Thaker

09/2018 - 08/2019                   Sandhya R. Sattiraju, graduated in 2020  

10/2016 - 07/2018                   Abdulrahman Jama, graduated in 2018 and accepted by the BMS program at WSU

07/2016 - 12/2017                  Abdullah A Alshudukhi, graduated in 2018 and accepted by the BMS program at WSU


Undergraduate students     

01/2017 - Present                   Rebecca Reese, won first award of Undergraduate Research Poster Session of the Inaugural Biomedical Research Conference in 2018 and received the Considine Scholar award in 2019

04/2019- Present                    Elise Hill

04/2019- 04/2020                   Emily Ann Sustarich                                          

08/2019- 12/2019                   Ahmad Iskandarani

01/2017 – 01/2019                 Nour A. Wahdan

08/2018 – 01/2019                 Steven Cole

09/2018-12/2018                     Marsh E Caitlin             

01/2018-09/2018                     Austin Blaise Calkins       



PhD students

Abdullah A Alshudukhi (Supervisor)                01/2018-Present         BMB

Abdulrahman Jama (Supervisor)                    08/2018-Present         BMB

Astha Shakya (Committee member)               04/2018-Present         BMB

Amanda Kaye Myers (Committee member)    04/2018-Present         BMB

Krushangi Nirav Shah (Committee member)   01/2018-Present        BMB

Jananie Rockwood (Committee member)       07/2019-Present        NCBP

Ishita Haider (Committee member)                 01/2018-Present         Biological Sciences (BS), graduated in 2020

James M. Readler (Committee member)        01/2018-01/2019        BS, graduated in 2019 


Master students

Rajsi Yogeshkumar Thaker (Supervisor)           09/2019-Present           BMB

Sandhya R. Sattiraju (Supervisor)                  09/2018-08/2020        BMB Graduated

Akshay Hira (Committee member)                 01/2018-08/2019        BMB Graduated

Eid Alshammari (Committee member)           01/2018-07/2019        BMB Graduated

Astha Shakya (Committee member)              01/2018-08/2019        BMB Graduated

Sarah E. Kovar (Committee member)            01/2017-08/2018        BMB Graduated

Abdulrahman Jama (Supervisor)                   10/2016-07/2018        BMB Graduated, won Graduate Student Excellence award

Abdullah A Alshudukhi (Supervisor)               07/2016-12/2017        BMB Graduated

Amjad Aljagthmi (Committee member)          08/2016-08/2017        BMB Graduated

Hitham Aldharee (Committee member)         08/2016-08/2017        BMB Graduated

Minyi Chen (Committee member)                  08/2016-08/2017        BMB Graduated


  • Sattiraju SR, Jama A, Alshudukhi AA, Townsend NE, Miranda DR, Reese RR, Voss AA, Ren H. Loss of membrane integrity drives myofiber death in lipin1-deficient skeletal muscle. Physiological Reports. (2020); 8: e14620.
  • Miranda DR, Reed E, Jama A, Bottomley M, Ren H, Rich MM, Voss AA. Mechanisms of altered skeletal muscle action potentials in the R6/2 mouse model of Huntington's disease. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. (2020); 319(1):C218-C232. PMID: 32432924.
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2020, Wright State University Women in Science Giving Circle Faculty Awards

  • 2012–2016, American Heart Association Scientist Development Grant (National Center), Identification Number: 12SDG12050697.
  • 2013–2015, Junior Investigator of COBRE grant (PI, L. Cassis), NIH COBRE P20 GM103527.
  • 2012–2013, Pilot grant award from Center of Research in Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease (COCVD) from NIH COBRE P20 GM103527.
  • 2011–2012, American Heart Association Beginning Grant-In-Aid, Great Rivers Affiliate. AHA Identification Number: 11BGIA7710059.
  • 2011– 2012, Pilot grant award from Center of Research in Obesity and  Disease (COCVD) from NIH COBRE P20 GM103527.
  • 2008–2011, American Heart Association Post Doctoral Fellowship, Great Rivers Affiliate. AHA Identification Number: 0825607D and 10POST4210002 (one-year renewal).
  • 2009, Second Prize of the Best Postdoctoral Poster Presentation, the Third Annual Postdoctoral Poster Presentation (University of Kentucky).
  • 2004–2007, Thomas H. Smouse Memorial Fellowship Awards, the AOCS Foundation.
  • 2004–2005, Scholarship for Stroke Research, AOCS Natural Health Research Institute.
  • 2002–2007, Mother and Child Foundation Scholarship, The Mother and Child Foundation.
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