Jaime E Ramirez-Vick, Ph.D.

Biomed Indust & Human Factor Engr
Russ Engineering Center 205, 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy, Dayton, OH 45435-0001

Jaime E. Ramirez-Vick is Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Wright State University. He has graduate and undergraduate degrees in Chemical Engineering from University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez and Arizona State University, with postdoctoral training at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Cancer Center of the University of California – San Francisco.  He is co-founder of two microarray-based diagnostic companies in northern California, Iris Biotechnologies and Daedalus Biotechnologies. As technical lead of the companies he was awarded seventeen patents for their core technologies. Dr. Ramirez-Vick is member of the Editorial Board of ten peer-reviewed journals and is ad hoc editor of over sixty others. He also co-authored a textbook titled Bioseparation Process Science. He is an elected Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) for his leadership in the growth and technological advances of genetic diagnostics and contributions to academia-industry collaborations and bioengineering education.


These are courses I have taught. I usually teach two of these every semester.


  • BME 4440/6440 - Biomaterials
  • BME 7521 - Advanced Biotransport


  • BME 4421/6421 - Biotransport
  • BME 4450/6450- Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine
  • BME 4460/6460- Nanomedicine Fundamentals

Research Interests: Nanomedicine in the development of multifunctional nanostructures for cancer detection and treatment, role of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in metastasis,  macrophage modulation during inflammation for ischemic and chronic wound tissue regeneration, regenerative medicine using MSCs in the development of biomimetic 3D scaffolds and the study of their differentiation using biophysical stimulation, and electrochemical nanostructured biosensors for protein and nucleic acid cancer biomarker detection. 

Finished Projects:

Bone Tissue Engineering

  1. Effect of Dimensionality on In Vitro Growth Environment and Mesenchymal Stem Cell Function
  2. Parametric study of biophysical stimulation to control mesenchymal stem cell differentiation in 3D
  3. Effect of crosslinking and retinoic acid in MSC differentiation using electrospun collagen-pullulan

Wound Healing

  1. Targeting inflammation for skin regeneration on chronic ulcers using a MSC delivery patch
  2. Multifunctional nanomedical reconstituted HDL formulation for targeting polymicrobial biofilms
  3. Ex vivo diabetic wound model for nanomedicine drug targeting

Cancer Nanomedicine

  1. Time-staggered targeted delivery of siRNA and docetaxel to treat drug-resistant prostate cancer
  2. Treatment of drug-resistant lung cancer by targeted delivery of graphene oxide-chloroquine/cisplatin nanoconjugates through autophagy modulation
  3. Targeting Triple-Negative Breast Cancer through Synthetic Lethal Interaction

Recent Publications

  1. N Chopra, K Jain, C Bamba, Y Charla, SP Singh, JE Ramirez-Vick, S Wajid, S Choudhury, “PI3K/AKT and SMAD as potential therapeutic targets in pancreatic cancer stem cells,” Cancer Lett, Submitted (2023).
  2. FT Zohora, N Nosoudi, SP Singh, JE Ramirez-Vick, “Chondrogenic gene expression profiling on 2D vs 3D human adipose stem cells,” Cells Tissues Organs, Accepted (2023)
  3. BD Arya, S Mittal, P Joshi, AK Pandey, JE Ramirez-Vick, G Gupta, SP Singh, “Graphene oxide-chloroquine nanoconjugate induce DNA damage in A549 lung cancer cells through SQSTM1/p62 mediated autophagy modulation,” ACS Appl Bio Mater, Under Review (2023).
  4. N Nosoudi, A Zadeh, H White, J Conrad, JW Shim, JE Ramirez-Vick,” The Predictive Value of Serum Bilirubin in the Post-Transplant de novo Malignancy: A Data Mining Approach,” Healthcare Analytics, 2:100094 (2022).
  5. KD Assani, N Nosoudi, SP Singh, JE Ramirez-Vick, “M1 to M2 Induction in Macrophages using a Retinoic Acid-Releasing Mesenchymal Stem Cell Scaffold,” Biomed Mater Eng, In Press (2022).
  6. N Nosoudi, C Hart, M Esmaeilpour, I McKnight, T Ghomian, A Zadeh, R Raines, JE Ramirez Vick, “Electrospraying live cells: Differentiation of adipose-derived stem cells to chondrocytes,” Sci Rep. 11(1):24301 (2021).
  7. KS Sanaei, N Nosoudi, JE Ramirez-Vick, “Effect of All-trans Retinoic Acid and Pentagalloyl Glucose on Smooth Muscle Cell Elastogenesis,” Biomed Mater Eng, 33:1-13 (2021).
  8. AI Aldebs, FT Zohora, N Nosoudi, SP Singh, JE Ramirez-Vick, “Effect of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields on the Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells using Magnetic Scaffolds,” Bioelectromagnetics, 41(3):175-187 (2020).
  9. AH Zadeh, Q Alsabi, N Nosoudi, JE Ramirez-Vick, “Characterizing Basal-like Triple Negative Breast Cancer using Gene Expression Analysis: A Data Mining Approach,” Expert Syst Appl, 148:113253 (2020).
  10. FT Zohora, N Nosoudi, SP Singh, JE Ramirez-Vick, “In Vitro Adipocytic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in 2D versus 3D,” Cells Tissues Organs, Editor's Choice: 208(3-4):113-133 (2019).
  11. MA Larrick, N Nosoudi, Singh SP, JE Ramirez-Vick, “Physicochemical Properties of Nanoparticles and their effect on Transport across the Microvasculature,” J Ann Bioeng, 1(1):9-24 (2019).


Curriculum Vitae

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