Janose Osedeme, Ph.D

Lake Campus Engineering Technology
Instructor of Engineering Technology

Dr. Janose Osedeme is a transformational leader, an innovative entrepreneur, and a passionate educator. He loves to be around younger people as he hopes to inspire them to become the best version of themselves and to live a purpose-driven life. He is solution-oriented and so he is very keen on equipping the next generation of engineers with skills to enable them to solve problems and improve the quality of life. These include technical, business, management, and entrepreneurial skills alike - Engineers need more than technical skills to be distinguished in our world today.

He enjoys teaching practical engineering courses and relating them to industrial and real-life applications.   

He loves to see students become more confident about themselves, their abilities, and their plans for the future. He believes that if given the right environment every student can succeed. This is the environment he strives to create in his classes and Engineering Club.


Education History

B.Engr - Mechanical Engineering, Covenant University

M.P.S - Engineering Management, The Pennsylvania State University

M.Sc - Mechanical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University

Ph.D. - Engineering Management, Western New England University



Engineering Mathematics (EGR 1010)
Engineering mathematics is a core class for all engineering freshmen. Students learn core mathematical principles applicable in advanced engineering courses. These include trigonometry, matrix algebra, systems of equations, derivatives, and integrals among others. The course is divided into lectures, laboratory sessions, and recitation sessions to go in-depth and engage in problem-solving alongside students.
Engineering Design and Solid Modeling (ME 1040)
This course introduces students to the concepts of solid modeling, physical modeling, prototyping, and computer-assisted analysis.

Engineering Programming with Matlab (ME 1020)
Introduces a broad range of programming concepts using Matlab and Python. Covers concepts such as advanced numerical methods, functions, loops, logic control, graphical user interface generation (GUI), computer input/output (IO), and communication between disparate languages.  

Thermodynamics II (ME 3320)

This course will apply the 0th, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd laws of thermodynamics, as well as conservation of mass, to a range of classical thermodynamic systems and phenomena. These include power and refrigeration cycles, gas mixtures, ideal vapor-gas mixtures, air conditioning, combustion, and chemical equilibrium.


Research Interests

Operations Research, Optimization, Decision Analysis in Transportation Systems || Industry 4.0, Product Innovation and Product Development Life Cycle, Additive Manufacturing




[PRESENTATION] Ekong, J., & Chauhan, V., & Osedeme, J., & Niknam, S., & Nguyen, R. (2022, August), A framework for Industry 4.0 workforce training through project-based and experiential learning approaches presented at 2022 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Minneapolis, MN. https://peer.asee.org/40637 - June 29, 2022


[PAPER] Ekong, J., & Chauhan, V., & Osedeme, J., & Niknam, S., & Nguyen, R. (2022, August), A framework for Industry 4.0 workforce training through project-based and experiential learning approaches – August 23, 2022


[Dissertation] Osedeme, J., (2023, August), The Application of Technology Adoption Models and Fuzzy MCDA in Modeling Passenger Vehicle Electrification in Developing Nations. A dissertation by Janose Osedeme at Western New England University


[THESIS] Osedeme, J., (2020). Computational Mechanics Study of A Kinematically Constrained Wrist Arthroplasty Implant Master’s Thesis, Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


[CAPSTONE] Osedeme J., (2016) Buy - Build - Merge Analysis Dr. Pepper and Snapple Group Strategy in Alcohol Industry Capstone Case study, Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


[BOOK] Osedeme, J, (2016). The Green Land: A Chronicle of Various International Students’ Life Experiences




Engineering Club at Lake Campus - Advisor 

The Engineering Club is a safe collaborative organization instituted to facilitate students’ learning, creativity, career exploration, and innovation of revolutionary solutions.

We offer projects, programs, and events that:

  • Express Students Creativity
  • Encourage Collaboration
  • Explore Career interests
  • Inspire students toward innovation

The Pancake Bot project plans to reverse engineer and repurpose a 3D printer to be able to extrude some pancake batter into a heated griddle. The team is currently working on the mechanical assembly and the electronics. The goal is to get the team working on some projects and gain hands-on experience with specifying parts requirements, programming, and assembling pieces together.

Lake Racer Project: We plan to have two teams build a Go-Kart each and race them between each other. One team works on the ICE Go-Kart and another team works on a battery-powered Go-Kart.

Join the Engineering Club

Senior Design Project - Advisor

  • Solar Generator Design Team - Class of 2024
  • Serial Grinder Upgrade Project - Class of 2024



Dr. Osedeme is a certified Project Management Professional and a Management Consultant.


Professional Affiliations/Memberships

Project Management Institute - PMI

American Society for Engineering Education - ASEE

National Society of Black Engineers - NSBE



Faculty Highlight Recognition - WSU, OCT 2023

Outstanding Community Service - PSU 2016


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