Mary T. White

Population and Public Health Sciences

Dr. White is a professor in the Department of Population and Public Health Sciences and Director of Medical Humanities at the Boonshoft School of Medicine.  She teaches courses in medical ethics and humanities, public health ethics, and global health, and participates in basic science courses and clinical clerkships.  Dr. White’s global health experience includes a sabbatical at Mbarara University of Science and Technology in Uganda, teaching and research partnerships with the University of Gondar in Ethiopia, and ongoing involvement with the Kossoye Development Project in Ethiopia. Dr. White joined the faculty at the Boonshoft School of Medicine in 1995. 

Education History: 

Ph.D., Institute for Medical Humanities, University of Texas Medical Branch, 1995

M.Div., Harvard Divinity School, 1987

Ed.D., Harvard Graduate School of Education, 1987

B.A., Cum Laude Biology, Middlebury College, 1978



Courses and Electives Taught

Social and Ethical Issues in Medicine

Ethics and Psychiatry (PGY-III Residents)                              

Women and Medicine 

Women’s Reproductive Health

Health Care in Developing Countries

Future Directions in Global Health     

Literature and Medicine      

Environment and Health                                 

Public Health Ethics and Policy

Race, Sex, and Gender in Medical Education

Course Participation

Blood Course

Endocrine and Reproduction



Molecular, Cell, and Tissue Biology   

Introduction to Clinical Medicine II

Third-year clerkships: Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Women’s Health, Surgery, Pediatrics      



Research statement: 

Research interests include ethical issues in genetic testing and counseling, research ethics, global health ethics, end-of-life care, and decision-making. 

Selected Publications

Parikh, PP, White, MT, Smith, L, Tchorz, KM (in press) Evaluation of Palliative Care Training and Skills Retention by Medical Students.  Journal of Surgical Research.

MT White (2016) Musical Activity across the Lifespan as it contributes to Quality of Life.  International Journal of Community Music 9(2):157-170.

Parikh, PP, Brown, R, White, MT, Markert, RJ, Eustace, R, Tchorz, K (2015) End-of-life care training: Assessment of skills and perceptions. Journal of Surgical Research 196(2): 258-63.

White MT (2014) Uncharted Terrain: Preference Construction at the End of Life, Journal of Clinical Ethics. 25(2): 120-130.

White MT and Evert JE (2014) Developing Ethical Awareness in Global Health: Four Cases for Medical Educators.  Developing World Bioethics. 14(3): 111-116.

White MT and Worku N (2013) Administrative Needs of Academic Partnerships at One Ethiopian University: A Pilot Study.  Ethiopian Medical Journal. 51(3): 203-7.

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Woldetsadik MA, Sendekie TY, White, MT, Zegeye  DT (2011) Client preferences and acceptability for medical abortion and MVA as early pregnancy termination method in Northwest Ethiopia.  Reproductive Health 8:19.  Available at:

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White, MT (2004) Firefighting at the Bedside.  Medical Humanities Review 17(1):41-45.

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White MT (1995) Historical Narrative or Life review?: The Role of Interpretation in Wallace Stegner's Angle of Repose. Journal of Aging Studies 9(2):175-186.



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