Michael P. Markey, PhD

Biochemistry/Molecular Biology-SOM
Research Associate Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Director, Center for Genomics Research
Diggs Laboratory 048, 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy., Dayton, OH 45435-0001
Education History: 

Doctoral: University of Cincinnati (Erik S. Knudsen)
Postdoctoral: Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory (Taiping Chen)
Postdoctoral: Wright State University (Steven J. Berberich)



Graduate Courses Taught:

                2011-present BMB 899 Graduate Research

                2018       SMD 8590 Staying Alive

                2018       SMD 8175 Origins II

                2017       SMD 8170 Origins I

                2017       SMD 8175 Origins II

                2017       SMD 535 Pathobiology and Therapeutics

                2017       BMB 3850 Biochemistry Lab

                2016       SMD 535 Pathobiology and Therapeutics

                2014       BMB/BMS 7650 Computational Tools and Strategies

                2014       BMB/BMS 7670 Molecular Basis of Inherited Disease

                2013       BMB/BMS 7600 Molecular Biology of the Nucleus

                2013       BMB 4990 Undergraduate Research

                2012       BMB/BMS 991 Molecular Basis of Inherited Disease

                2012       BMS-996 Laboratory Rotation

                2012       BMB-760 / BMS-760 Molecular Biology of the Nucleus

                2011       BMB-753/BMS-753 Molecular Signaling

                2009       BMB-760/BMS-760 Molecular Biology of the Nucleus

                2009       BMB 499 Undergraduate Research

                2008       BMB 703 Research Ethics

                2007       BMB 703 Research Ethics

                2007       BMB-765, Computational Tools and Strategies
                2007       BMB-760/BMS-760 Molecular Biology of the Nucleus
                2005       20 BME 643 Introduction to Bioinfomatics (University of Cincinnati)
                2000       BIO 597 Special Topics in Molecular Biology (Murray State University)


Research statement: 

As Director of the Center for Genomics Research (CGR), I facilitate the projects of other researchers at WSU as well as external investigators who wish to collaborate or contract with the CGR. These projects have included topics in neuroscience, toxicology, and molecular biology. Current projects include comparative genomic hybridization to characterize genomic changes in melanoma samples, gene expression changes in retinal eqithelium following antioxidant treatments, and single-cell quantification of gene expression in neurons. Please contact CGR if you are interested in collaborative work involving any topics in genomics.


                Grant Reviewer:              

                                NIH Provocative Questions Study Section (2018)

                                Grantové agentura České republiky (Czech Science Foundation) (2011)


                Journal Reviewer:           

                                Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry (2018)

                                Current Cancer Drug Targets (2018)

                                Genes (2017)

                                Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry (2016)

                                Oncotarget (2016)

                                PLoS ONE (2016)

                                African Journal of Biotechnology (2015, 2016)

                                Cancer Biomarkers (2014)

                                Oncotargets and Therapy (2013)

                                Carcinogenesis (2013)

                                FEBS Journal (2013)

                                Journal of Cell Biology (2013)

                                Apoptosis Reviews (2011)

                                Cell Cycle (2011)

                                Physiological Genomics (2011)



                                WSU Graduate Council, BSOM faculty representative (2014-2018)

                                BMS Admissions Committee (2014-2015, Chair 2016)

                                Dayton Biorepository Steering Committee (2014-2016)

                                Boonshoft School of Medicine Graduate Council Membership subcommittee (2014-2018)

                                College of Science and Mathematics Program Review Committee (2014-2015)

                                BMB Graduate Education Committee (GEC) (2014)

                                BMB MS Program Student Assessment Committee, Chair (2013)

                                BMS Nominating Committee (2013)

                                BMS Nominating Committee, chair (2014)

                                Celebration of Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities, Chair, Session 4 (2012)

                                BSOM Research Affairs Committee (2010-2013)

                                Wright State University & Premier Health Partners Neuroscience Institute Steering Committee (2010)

                                Comprehensive Neuroscience Steering Committee (2008-2010)



                            Judge, Intel® International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), Montgomery County Science and Engineering Fair (2011-2018)          

                        Participant, Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day (2016-2018)

                        American Cancer Society Lab Tour Event (2015)

                        The Hour of Code, Lebanon Public Library (2015)

                        “The Complete Evidence for Evolution, Abridged”, Harmony UU Church, Mason, OH (2014)

                        Judge, St. Peter Catholic School science fair, Huber Heights, OH (2008, 2011)

                             Judge, 3rd Annual Greene County Science and Engineering Day (2008)



                        Co-founded Molecular Oncology Diagnostics, LLC (2013-2017)

Students Advised: 

                Thesis advisor for:

                                2017-2019            Stacy Simmons (MS)

                                2015-2017            Minyi Chen (MS)

                                2013-2015            Ahmed Mahas (MS)

                                2013-2015            Keerti Potluri (MS)

                                2010-2012            Sameep Naik (MS)

                                2010-2012            Pooja Mandke (MS)


                Thesis committee member for:

                                2017-2021            Andrew Stacy (PhD)

                                2017-2021            Alex Gordon (PhD)

                                2017-2019            John Trombley (MS)

                                2016-2018            Sarah Kovar (MS)

                                2015-2018            Hima Yalamanchili (PhD)

                                2015-2017            Hadel Alsaran (MS)

                                2015-2017            Abdullah Alshudukhi (MS)

                                2015-2017            Andrew Stacy (MS)

                                2016-2018            Alex Gordon (PhD)

                                2016-2017            Abdullah Alshudukhi (MS)

                                2016-2017            Caitlan Castagno (MS)

                                2016-2017            Rujuta Yashodhan (MS)

                                2015-2016            Andrea Klingler (MS)

                                2015-2016            Hadel Alsaran (MS)

                                2015-2016            Ramya Ganesan (MS)

                                2015-2016            Amal Albati (MS)

                                2014-2015            Nouf Alharbi (MS)

                                2012                       Erin Nass-Welbaum (MS)

                                2012                       Joseph Rotsinger (MS)

                                2011                       Laura Rigsbee (MS)

                                2008                       Vaughn Litteral (MS)

                                2008                       Harshavardhan Kenche (MS)

                                2008                       Casey Wells (MS)


                Undergraduate research advisor for:

                                2012                       Amy Kerry

                                2012                       Sue Culbertson,

                                2008-2010            Jillian Fraser

                                2008-2010            Nicholas Wyatt

                                2008-2010            Benjamin Bates


                High school research advisor for:

                                2012-2013            Townsend Smith, IV


                Other Instructional Activities

                                2012-2013            National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases Short-Term Education Program for Underrepresented Persons (STEP-UP) program

                                2010-2013            Frontiers in Translational Medicine, Translational Biomedical Training for Underrepresented Minorities (STREAMS) program

                                2010                       Wright Scholars (high school STEM mentor program)


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