Michelle S Schultz, Psy.D.

School of Professional Psychology
Clinical Associate Professor and Chair
Millett Hall, 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy, Dayton, OH 45435-0001

Areas of Interest

Child, adolescent, and family psychology (therapy and assessment), clinical training, program development, diversity, and supervision. Specific areas are feminist theory, intersectionality, trauma in youth, youth in the justice system, adolescent and emerging adulthood issues, gender and intersectional issues, and professional development issues.

Select Courses Taught

Trauma: Theory, Assessment, & Intervention; Feminist Therapy; Supervision; Practice Management

Select Scholarship

Schultz, M. S., & Dragon, W. R. (2022). Cultural considerations int he development and maintenance of professionalism in health service psychology. The Ohio Psychologist, 69, 4-6.

LaRue, G., Dragon, W.R., Schultz, M.S., & Jackson, L. D. (2022). Misdiagnosing borderline personality disorder in correctional settings: Does clinician bias influence diagnostic decision-making?. The Ohio Psychologist, 69, 18-21.

Schultz, M.S., Dunbar, A., & McDonnell, M. (2022, March 3-6). Structured discussion: Grounding clinical services in a feminist framework within the juvenile justice system [Roundtable discussion]. Association for Women in Psychology Conference, Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Dass-Brailsford, P., Baum, L. J., Schultz, M. S., & Young, A. L. (2021). Clinical training in PsyD programs during the COVID-19 pandemic: Challenges and implications. Bulletin of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology, 21 (1), 7-12.

Ergun, G., Schultz, M. S., & Rettig, E. K. (2021). Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder-Issues of misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis in Black youth: A case report. Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience.

Schultz, M.S. (2019, August). Teaching self-advocacy in the therapy room: Patriarchal spaces, feminist voices [Roundtable discussion]. American Psychological Association Convention, Chicago, United States.

Schultz, M.S. (2019, March). Maintaining a feminist identity in the face of threatening systems. In M.S. Schultz (Chair) The many footsteps that created a path: A feminist journey of application within the clinical realm [Symposium]. Association for Women in Psychology Conference, Newport, Rhode Island, United States.

Schultz, M.S. (2018, August). Juvenile corrections and trauma: Treating girls from a feminist framework. In M. S. Schultz (Chair) Treatment of trauma in women within patriarchal institutions [Symposium]. American Psychological Association convention, San Francisco, California, United States.

Schultz, M.S. (2018). Considerations in the development of professionalism. The Clinical Psychologist, 71(3), 16.




Curriculum Vitae

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