Nenad Jovanovic, Ph.D.

School of Fine and Performing Arts
Associate Professor

Since joining Wright State in 2016, Nenad has developed and facilitated several film studies courses, covering topics as diverse as Eastern European New Wave cinemas, contemporary Iranian film, cinematic fairy tales, Jean-Luc Godard, the stage and the screen, and the international essay film. He also teaches the introductory production (MP 1800) and history (MP 2310) courses every spring.

Nenad's articles and book reviews have appeared in Apparatus, The Brecht Yearbook, Film & History, Film / Literature Quarterly, Journal of Scandinavian Cinema, Quarterly Review of Film and Video, Studies in Documentary Film, Theatralia, Theatre Symposium, and Traverses. He is also the author of Brechtian Cinemas (SUNY Press, 2017, paperback edition 2018), and is currently at work on a book-length study of reflexive nonfiction films. In addition to research, he publishes creative work in his native tongue of Serbo-Croat.



Brechtian Cinemas: Montage and Theatricality in Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet, Peter Watkins and Lars von Trier (SUNY Press, 2017; paperback edition: 2018).


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Jack Gilbert: Refusing Heaven (English to Serbo-Croat; forthcoming with Kulturni Centar Novog Sada)

Bertolt Brecht:“Testimony Before the [HUAC] Committee” (English to Serbo-Croat; Polja no. 514: 66-83)

Douglas Kellner: “Brecht's Marxist Aesthetics” (English to Serbo-Croat; Polja no. 514: 116-28)

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Education History

2011   Doctor of Philosophy (Drama), Graduate Centre for Study of Drama, University of Toronto

2003  Master of Fine Arts (Screenwriting), School of Film and Video, York University

1998  Bachelor of Fine Arts (Directing for Film and TV), University of the Arts (Belgrade)

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