Patrick M. Sonner, Ph.D.

NeuroScience Cell Bio Physio-COSM
White Hall 105D, 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy, Dayton, OH 45435-0001

I am the Director and Faculty Advisor for the undergraduate Neuroscience Program. I am also working with a group of faculty nationwide on developing core concepts for undergraduate neuroscience education. 

Education History

Ph.D., Wright State University, 2007

B.S., Ohio Northern University, 2000


Courses that I Currently Teach:

Human Neurobiology (ANT 7310/BMS 9030)

How the Nervous System Works I (NEU 3100)

How the Nervous System Works II (NEU 3200)

Introduction to the Neuroscience Program (NEU 1010)

Courses that I have Taught in the Past:

Scientific Literacy for the 21st Century (SM 1010)

Introduction to the Undergraduate Neuroscience Program for Majors (NEU 2000)

Scientific Review Article (ANT 8510/NEU 4030)

Biomedical Experimental Design (ANT 7010/NEU 4040)



Deardorff, A, Romer, S, Sonner, PM, and Fyffe, REW. Swimming against the tide: investigations of the C-bouton synapse. Neuromodulatory Control of Spinal Function in Health and Disease (e-book published through Frontiers in Neural Circuits), 2020. 

Sonner, PM and Ladle, DR.  Facilitation of antagonist motor output through short-latency sensory pathways during postnatal development in the mouse. Neurosci Lett. 674: 36-41, 2018. 

Deardorff AS, Romer SH, Sonner PM, Fyffe RE (2014) Swimming against the tide: investigations of the C-Bouton synapse. Front. Neural Circuits 8: 106.

Sonner PM, Ladle DR (2013) Early postnatal development of GABAergic presynaptic inhibition of Ia proprioceptive afferent connections in mouse spinal cord. J Neurophysiol 109: 2118-2128.

Stern JE, Sonner PM, Son SJ, Silva FCP, Jackson K, Michelini LC (2012) Exercise training normalizes an increased neuronal excitability of NTS-projecting neurons of the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus in hypertensive rats. J Neurophysiol 107: 2912-2921.

Biancardi VC, Son S, Sonner PM, Zheng H, Patel KP, Stern JE (2011) Contribution of central nervous system endothelial nitric oxide synthase to neurohumoral activation in heart failure rats. Hypertension 58: 454-463.

Wu L, Sonner P, Titus DJ, Wiesner EP, Alvarez F, Ziskind-Conhaim L (2011) Properties of a distinct subpopulation of GABAergic commissural interneurons that are part of the locomotor circuitry in the neonatal spinal cord. J Neuroscience 31: 4821-4833.

Sonner PM, Lee S, Ryu PD, Lee SY, Stern, JE (2011) Imbalanced K+ and Ca2+ subthreshold interactions contribute to increased hypothalamic presympathetic neuronal excitability in hypertensive rats. J Physiol 589: 667-683.

Lee S, Han TH, Sonner PM, Stern JE, Ryu PD, Lee SY (2008) Molecular characterization of T-type Ca2+ channels responsible for low threshold spikes in hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus neurons. Neuroscience 155: 1195-1203.

Sonner PM, Filosa JA, Stern JE (2008) Diminished A-type potassium current and altered firing properties in presympathetic PVN neurones in renovascular hypertensive rats. J Physiol 586: 1605 1622.

Sonner PM, Stern JE (2007) Functional role of A-type potassium currents in rat presympathetic PVN neurones. J Physiol 582: 1219-1238.



WSU Presidential Award for Outstanding NTE Faculty in Service (2020) 

CoSM Faculty Award of Excellence - Spirit of Innovation for NeuroLab (2018) 

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