Paul Thomas Deflorio, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine
88th Medical Group, Emergency Department, 4881 Sugar Maple Dr, Wright Patterson AFB, OH 45433-5529


BA English Literature: University of Michigan, 1997

MD: Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, 2001

Internship (Transitional Year): Malcolm Grow Medical Center, Andrews Air Force Base, 2002

Residency (Emergency Medicine): University of Michigan, 2005

Masters in Public Health: Wright State University, 2014

Residency (Aerospace Medicine): Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, 2017

Research Interests

Critical care, EM procedures, tactical medicine, blast trauma.


DeFlorio PT, Silbergleit R. Mal de Debarquement Presenting in the Emergency Department. J Emerg Med. 2006 Nov;31(4):377-9.

DeFlorio PT. Intact Automotive Glass Associated with Absence of Cervical Spine Injury. Ann Emerg Med. 2006 Oct;48(4) Supplement:S104

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Sochor M, Alhoff S, Bose D, Maio R, DeFlorio P. Glass Intact Assures Safe Cervical Spine Protocol. Journal of Emergency Medicine, 2013;44(3):631-636.e1. 

Invited Lectures

Emergency Medicine in Iraq. University of Michigan Residency in Emergency Medicine, Grand Rounds, Ann Arbor, MI, 5/3/07

Emergency Medicine in Iraq. Medical College of Wisconsin Residency in Emergency Medicine, Grand Rounds, Milwaukee, WI, 11/15/07

Blast Trauma. Government Service Chapter of the American College of Emergency Medicine Joint Services Symposium, San Antonio, TX, 2/10/09

Wartime Emergency Medicine. The University of South Florida Residency in Emergency Medicine Joint EM/Surgery Grand Rounds, Tampa, FL, 5/6/09

Blast Trauma. The United States Army EMS Symposium, San Antonio, TX. 5/7/09

Blast Trauma. University of Michigan Residency in Emergency Medicine, Grand Rounds, Ann Arbor, MI, 12/2/09

Wartime Emergency Medicine. University of Cambridge Keynote Lecture of Emergency Medicine Registrars, Cambridge, UK, 12/16/09

Military Rotary Wing Evacuation. University of Michigan Residency in Emergency Medicine, Grand Rounds, Ann Arbor, MI, 10/20/10

Aeromedical Concerns in Blast Trauma. European Flight Surgeons Conference, Ramstein AFB, Germany, 3/15/11

US Wartime Medical Evacuation. Brutzo Teaching Hospital Grand Rounds, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, 1/28/11

Blast Trauma. SAUSHEC Emergency Medicine Residency Grand Rounds, San Antonio, TX, 9/20/11

Blast Trauma. Brown University Emergency Medicine Grand Rounds, Providence, RI, 2/20/14

Blast Trauma. The Mayo Clinic Residency in Emergency Medicine Grand Rounds, Rochester, MN, 2/2/16

Venous Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Aerospace Medicine Association Annual Meeting, Atlantic City, NJ, 4/26/16

Orientation to Combat Medicine. The US Naval Academy Premedical Club, Annapolis, MD, 8/24/16

Blast Trauma. Christiana Care Emergency Medicine Residency Ground Rounds, Wilmington, DE, 10/18/18

Aeromedical Cases that Never Should have Flown. NATO-Ramstein Aerospace Medicine Summit, Eidelwiess, Germany, 3/20/19

Military Deployments

Flight Surgeon, 492nd Expeditionary Fighter Squadron, Data Masked Location, Feb-May 2012

Flight Surgeon, 56th Expeditionary Rescue Squadron, Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, Feb-May 2010

Flight Commander, Air Force Theather Hospital Emergency Department, Balad, Iraq, Jan-May 2008

Staff Physician, Air Force Theather Hospital Emergency Department, Balad, Iraq, May-Sep 2006


Dr. DeFlorio joined the U.S. Air Force in 1997 and has served as both an emergency physician and flight surgeon. He is married to Amanda and has four children, Wyatt, Emmaline, Rhett, and Dillon.

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