Rowdy Raider

Intercollegiate Athletics
University Mascot
Ervin J Nutter Center 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy, Dayton, OH 45435
As the official mascot and No. 1 fan of Wright State University, Rowdy Raider represents the university at athletic games, community events, and other important occasions. Rowdy supports the Wright State family by cheering on the university's sports teams and interacting with students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members.

Rowdy's favorite duties include high-fiving fans, dancing, strutting, and cheering. Their second favorite duty is intimidating the competition with their fierce wolf exterior. You can often see Rowdy at Wright State's Dayton Campus taking selfies with students, stalking the underground tunnels, and jamming out to their favorite music, the Wright State fight song. 

Rowdy took over the position on January 11, 2007, from their predecessor, the brown Rowdy. The brown Rowdy held the position since 1997 when they took over for the original mascot, the Viking. The three mascots still occasionally get together to talk about their favorite thing, Wright State.

Rowdy's favorite place to hang out at the Dayton Campus is the Student Union, where many student organizations host their events. Their favorite colors are Wright State green and gold. Their favorite holiday is, of course, their own birthday on December 4. Regardless of their several forms and variations over the years, the legendary Rowdy Raider came to life on December 4, 1986.

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