Valerie L. Shalin, Ph.D.

Professor and Human Factors Area Leader
Fawcett Hall 447, 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy, Dayton, OH 45435-0001

Dr. Shalin specializes in human workplace expertise and communication, and associated empirical and analytic methods to support the design and evaluation of coordinated work and workplace technology in: space exploration, medicine and surgery, disaster response, and manual labor. 

Curriculum Vitae

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Education History

Dr. Shalin holds a B.S. in Psychobiology from UCLA, and the M.S. and Ph.D. in Learning, Developmental and Cognitive Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh.


Dr. Shalin teaches graduate cognition.  At the undergraduate level she teaches the psychology of social media and capstone courses in higher level cognition such as psycholinguistics and problem solving and reasoning.

Research Statement

Dr. Shalin has an active funded research program, with grants from NSF, NASA and military sponsors.


Dr. Shalin is the current Human Factors area leader.  She serves on the editorial board of PloS One and performs additional national service reviewing journal articles and grant applications.



  1. Pandey, R., Purohit, H., Castillo, C., & Shalin, V. L. (2022). Modeling and Mitigating Human Annotation Errors to Design Efficient Stream Processing Systems with Human-in-the-loop Machine Learning. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 102772.
  2. Sheth, A., Shalin, V., & Kursuncu, U. (2021). Defining and Detecting Toxicity on Social Media: Context and Knowledge are Key. Neurocomputing.
  3. Gaur, M., Aribandi, V., Kursuncu, U., Alambo, A., Shalin, V.L., Thirunnarayan, K. Beich, J., Narasimhan, M., & Sheth, A. (2021).  Knowledge-infused abstractive summarization of clinical diagnostic interviews: A framework development study. Journal of Medical Internet Research: Mental Health, 8(5), e20865.
  4. Rothwell, C., Shalin, V.L. & Romigh, G. (2021). Comparison of common ground models for human-computer dialogue: Evidence for audience design. ACM Transactions on Human Computer Interaction (TOCHI), 28(2), 1-35.
  5. Mackenzie, C.F., Yang, S., Garafalo, E., Hu, P.F-M, Watts, D., Patel, R., Puch, A. Hagegeorge, G., Shalin, V., Pugh, K., Granite, G., Stansbury, L.G., Shackelford, S. & Tisherman, S. (2021) Enhanced training benefit of video recording surgery with automated hand motion analysis.  World J Surg.
  6. Rezvan, M., Shekarpour, S., Alshargi, F., Thirunarayan, K., Shalin, V. L., & Sheth, A. (2020). Analyzing and learning the language for different types of harassment. Plos one, 15(3), e0227330.
  7. Robinson, F.E., Feufel, M., Shalin, V.L., Steele-Johnson, D., Springer, B. (2020). Rational adaptation:  Contextual effects in medical decision making.  Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making, 14(2), 112-131.
  8. Purohit, H., Shalin, V.L. & Sheth, A.P. (2020) Knowledge graphs to empower humanity inspired AI systems. IEEEE Internet Computing, 24(4), 48-54. [NR]
  9. Bhatt, S.P., Sheth, A.P., Shalin, V.L. & Zhao, J.  (2020) Knowledge graph semantic enhancement of input data for improving AI.  IEEE Internet Computing, 24(2): 66-72.


(see CV for other publications)


2021 Adjunct Faculty, Department of Computer Science and Engineering and affiliate of the Department of Psychology, University of South Carolina

2016 Human Factors Prize Recognizing Excellence in Human Factors/Ergonomics Research

Summer 2012 & 2013, Fall 2013-Spring 2014 , Fall 2015, Invited Researcher/Professor, INRIA, France. 

2004 NASA Headquarters award ”Turning Goals into Reality” to NASA Ames for tools provided to JPL for the Mars Exploration Rover.

2003 Ames Honor Award to Code I for Technology Infusion, recognizing NASA Ames Human Centered Computing Team Support for Mars Exploration Rover.

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