Harry J. Khamis, Ph.D., PStat., FASA

Mathematics & Statistics
Professor Emeritus, Population & Public Health

I'm a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Wright State University with a joint appointment in the Department of Community Health, School of Medicine. I'm also the Director Emeritus of the Statistical Consulting Center at the university.

My favorite research problems are

  1. the semi-symmetric intraclass contingency table
  2. Buffon's needle problem
  3. the Kolmogorov-Smirnov goodness of fit test
  4. the multigraph representation of hierarchical loglinear models
  5. stature prediction.

My favorite hobbies are

  1. bridge
  2. folk dancing
  3. the Swedish language (det svenska språket).

Education History

  • 1974: B.S. mathematics, Santa Clara University
  • 1976:  M.S. mathematics, Virginia Tech
  • 1980: Ph.D. statistics, Virginia Tech
  • 1980-86:  Assistant Professor, Wright State University (WSU)
  • 1986-93:  Associate Professor, WSU
  • 1993-2015:  Professor and Director of the Statistical Consulting Center, WSU
  • (1999-2000:  Visiting Professor, Uppsala University, Sweden)
  • 2015 - present:  Professor Emeritus


1980-2015:  taught wide range of mathematics and statistics courses at the undergraduate level; taught many of the graduate statistics courses, including quality control, survival analysis, categorical data analysis, sampling design, theory of statistics, statistical methods, linear model theory, experimental design.

Research Statement

Major Active Research Areas

  • Categorical response models
  • Goodness of fit tests
  • Survival data analysis
  • Geometric probability


Served on a wide variety of departmental, college, and university committees.  Was Chair of the Academic Integrity Hearing Panel for many years.

Students Advised

Graduate statistics advisor for many years.


As of 8-5-21:  101 peer-reviewed publications

Professional Affiliations/Memberships

American Statistical Association


  • Fellow, American Statistical Association
  • PStat., American Statistical Association


A technical article entitled "New Revelations About the Titanic:  Loglinear Model Analysis of the Passenger Data" will be added here shortly.  ---Harry Khamis, 2/16/2024.

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