Terry L Oroszi, M.S., Ed.D.

Pharmacology & Toxicology-SOM
Associate Professor & Vice Chair, Pharmacology & Toxicology; Director, MS Graduate Program, P&T, BSOM; Director, CBRN Defense Certificate Program
Health Sciences Bldg 217, 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy., Dayton, OH 45435-0001

Healthcare and Homeland Security (Domestic Extremism, Crisis Decision-Making, CBRN, and Leadership) Researcher, Speaker, & Published Author.    https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-terry-l-oroszi   or  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terry_Oroszi

Bio: Dr. Terry Oroszi is a faculty member and director at Boonshoft School of Medicine, part of Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. Her subject matter expertise is Homeland Security. As part of her role at BSOM, she serves as Director of the graduate and the Chemical Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) Defense Programs. She started her career in the Army, transitioned to the laboratory doing molecular genetics work, and merged her military and science experiences to develop the homeland security focus for the medical school and the department of Pharmacology and Toxicology. 

Dr. Oroszi has several collaborations with the military, industry, academia, and the government in the areas of CBRN, terrorism, and crisis decision-making. She is the founder and chair of The Dayton Think Tank, a gathering of the top 50 crisis leaders in the region. As a civilian, Oroszi has received training from the FBI through two programs in 2018 and 2019 and recently stepped down as president of the Dayton InfraGard chapter to be part of the InfraGard National Members Alliance Board as the new INMA secretary.

Oroszi and has shared her research on American terrorists with NSA, at Quantico, and members of Congress in DC. Her subject matter expertise in terrorism and crisis leadership has been recognized in media, including print, web, and T.V., and as an invited speaker at national conferences for military, government, and industry leaders. Along with several journal publications, she is a co-editor and contributing author of “Weapons of Mass Psychological Destruction and the People that Use Them,” Praeger ABC-Clio, The American Terrorist: Everything You Need to Know to be a Subject Matter Expert, Greylander Press (a book covering 4 years of dedicated research on American citizens charged with acts related to terrorism). 

In her free time, Oroszi started writing a fiction series about a female FBI agent that is frankly not a very good agent. She drops cover, occasionally loses her temper, and has a few too many unsanctioned kills. Operation Stormfront: From Weatherman to Wall Street, book one in the series was published June 2019, and book two, Operation Deep Dive: Back into the Past published Sept 2019, and novella book 2.5, Mr. Smith Goes to North Korea, published Oct. 2019, and her first graphic novel, based on Operation Stormfront, March 2020.




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Terry's Current Calendar

Nov. 2021-FBI HQ & Quantico InfraGard meeting

Nov. 2021-CBRNe Convergence invited speaker

Oct. 2021-Emergency Management virtual speaker series invited speaker

Aug. 2021-InfraGard Congress

June 2021-Appointed Secretary InfraGard National Board

June 2021-Situational Awareness Specialist Podcast

April 2021-InfraGard National Workshop American Terrorist

Mar. 2021-Averting Targeted School Violence: A U.S. Secret Service Analysis of Plots Against Schools

Mar. 2021-Situational Awareness Specialist Training

Feb. 2021-Chemical Agents of Opportunity for Terrorism

Feb. 2021-Yale Philanthropy Conference: Reimagining Philanthropy

Jan. 2021-CBRNe Industry Group Meeting

Jan. 2021-How the Pandemic Made Me a Better Educator, Harvard Business

Jan 2021-State of the FBI Briefing and Deep DIve into Oregon District active shooter

Dec. 2020-Live Facebook (Woman Global Icon)

Nov. 2020-CBRNe Industry Group Meeting

Nov. 2020-Speaker: Steven Solomon, Personal Preparedness, Dayton InfraGard

Sept. 2020-The American Terrorist, National Preparedness Summit, Dallas TX.

Aug. 2020-Decision-making for Crisis Leadership, InfoSys Webinar, India

May 2020-Toledo Webinar Presenter: The American Terrorist

May 2020-Security Matters Hawaii PodCast

May 2020-FBI Information Sharing Initiative Guest Speaker (CANCELED)

Apr. 2020-Gem City ComiCon (CANCELED)

Mar. 2020-Department of Agriculture talk on terrorism (CANCELED)

Feb. 2020-IMA workshop/Power Platform

Feb. 2020-State of the FBI

Dec. 2020-NSF Convergence Accelerator Symposium at the University of South Carolina

Nov. 2019-Highlights for Children, Columbus OH, for InfraGard

Nov. 2019-Provided Training on American Terrorism at National Security Agency (NSA) Ft. Meade, MD.

Nov. 2019-FBI InfraGard Leadership Academy (Quantico & FBI HQ) Speaker and Attendee

Nov. 2019-Book: Mr. Smith Goes to North Korea, Greylander Press, LLC

Sept. 2019-Book: Operation Deep Dive: A Step into the Past, Greylander Press, LLC

Sept. 2019-InfraGard/ASIS Global Security Exchange Speaker, Chicago (Terrorism)

Jul. 2019-House Intelligence and Armed Forces Staff, Washington DC (Terrorism Briefing)

Jun. 2019-Book: Operation Stormfront: From Weatherman to Wall Street, Greylander Press, LLC

Jun. 2019-National Homeland Security Conference Speaker, Phoenix, AZ (Terrorism in the US)

May 2019-Michigan InfraGard Annual Meeting Guest Speaker (Terrorism, specific to Michigan)

Apr. 2019-Dayton Club Speaking Engagement/Book Signing

Mar. 2019-InfraGard Regional Leadership Summit

Mar. 2019-Beavercreek Rotary Club Ohio Terrorists

Jan. 2019-Book: The American Terrorist: Everything You Need to Know to be a Subject Matter Expert, Greylander Press, LLC published

Jan. 2019 -State of the FBI Briefing in CINN.

Jan. 2019 -InfraGard Dayton Chapter, The American Terrorist

Dec. 2018-Cincinnati FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Holiday Gathering

Nov. 2018-WPAFB Counterterrorism Security Briefing

Nov. 2018-InfraGard Board and Chapter meeting (Chapter Vice President)

Nov. 2018-Centerville Optimist Club Topic: Ohio Terrorists

Oct. 2018-Intelligence Analysis Career Training (IACT) Program:4/5/6 Power Platform 

Oct. 2018-Intelligence Analysis Career Training (IACT) Program: The American Terrorist: Finding Patterns in the Data.

Sept. 2018-Kettering Optimist Club (9/11 talk on Terrorism)

Aug. 2018-Edgewood/Aberdeen Proving Ground (MD)

Aug. 2018-TriService Toxicology Conference (WPAFB)

Jul. 2018-The White House

Jul. 2018-FBI Headquarters, (Speaker FBI Assoc. Deputy Director, Paul Abbate, the role of FBI CA Graduate)

Jul. 2018-Quantico (Speaker from BAU#5 and several breakout sessions, a tour of Hogans Alley, & FBI Laboratory)

Jul. 2018-Centerville Optimist Club (talk on terrorism)

Jun. 2018-Range day with FBI/SWAT

Jun. 2018-FBI CA Graduation

Jun. 2018-ATIC Leadership workshop (4/5/6 Power Platform)

Jun. 2018-ATIC Introduction to Terrorism workshop

May 2018-Auditors Speaking Engagement Power/Leadership/Meeting behaviors

Apr. 2018-FBI Citizen's Academy (10 weeks)

Apr. 2018-TRAC (Toxicology & Risk Assessment Conference)

Apr. 2018-InfraGard Security conference

Apr. 2018-4/5/6 Power Platform for the BSOM Leadership Academy

Mar. 2018-Staff Dev. Day Speaker, “Egos at the Table: Understanding Meeting Behaviors”

Feb. 2018-Meet with FBI Director Christopher Wray

Jan. 2018-InfraGard meeting (Dept. Homeland Security)

Jan. 2018-Crisis decision-making paper accepted to the Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning

Dec. 2017-InfraGard Board Meeting

Nov. 2017-ATIC Analyst Bootcamp Capstone Briefing (terrorism)

Nov. 2017-MMRS meeting (LT. Sam McGee, Aurora Theater Shooting)

Sep. 2017-Speaker and designated Delegate at the FBI/InfraGard training conference, Dallas, TX.

Sep. 2017-Boonshoft School of Medicine Leadership Academy

Sep. 2017-Analysis of an American Terrorist, for ATIC Intel Analyst Bootcamp

Aug. 2017-Quarterly DTT Board meeting

Aug. 2017-TriService Tox Consortium Abstract/Presentation DoD Toxicology efforts.

Jul. 2017-ATIC Analyst Boot Camp Capstone Briefings

Jul. 2017-Two abstracts (Terrorism, Crisis Decision-Making) accepted for HDIAC Journal

Jun. 2017-Guest on the Attack of the Politicos Podcast (Est 1015K audience)

Jun. 2017-High Stakes Decision-Making Model presented at the National Homeland Security Conference, Buffalo NY

May 2017-4/5/6 Power Platform for ATIC Intel Analyst Bootcamp

May 2017-Analysis of an American Terrorist, for ATIC Intel Analyst Bootcamp

May 2017-Cincinnati InfraGard Speaker Topic: Americans Killing Americans: A Comparison of U.S. Male Citizens Charged with Acts Related to Terrorism Since 9/11.

Apr. 2017-CLONE (CBRN Ladies Only Networking Event) Washington DC, invited guest

Apr. 2017-Invited speaker/SME for Peace Rally, Dayton OH

Mar. 2017-Washington, DC, briefed FBI Chief Nuclear & Radiological WMD Countermeasures

Mar. 2017-Dayton Think Tank quarterly meeting, invited speakers included DHS/FBI/Medicine on EMP and Opioid Epidemic

Mar. 2017-“Americans Killing Americans” WSU Staff Development Speaker

Mar. 2017-NBCIG Meeting. Nuc/Bio/Chem Industry Group, Washington DC

Mar. 2017-Infragard Speaker on Terrorism (InfraGard is a partnership between the FBI and the private sector.)

Feb. 2017-Intro to Terrorism Workshop for ATIC Intel Analyst Bootcamp

Feb. 2017-Sherrod Brown, spoke about Ohio terrorism status

Feb. 2017-Women in Business Luncheon speaker, Xenia Chamber of Commerce

Feb. 2017-TriService Toxicology Consortium Meeting (Air Force/Navy/Army, two days)

Jan. 2017-Recognizing a Potential Terrorist with Case Study for BioStar Program

Jan. 2017-InfraGard meeting

Jan. 2017-Power Platform Workshop for ATIC’s new Intel Analyst class

Jan. 2017-Submitted new manuscript to the publisher (release date Aug.)

Dec. 2016-Submitted three abstracts for the National Homeland Security Conference, Buffalo, NY

Dec. 2016-DTT Meeting, Environmental Manager, City of Dayton Department of Water

Dec. 2016-WSU Story, Jim Hannah, on the Dayton Think Tank, Engineer’s Club

Dec. 2016-or Whaley Fundraiser (discussed terror threat with attendees)

Dec. 2016-Navy Commander and Branch Chief (Tox) certificate program discussion and follow up submission.

Nov. 2016-Nominated into the Homeland Security Information Network

Nov. 2016-NBC Industry Group Washington DC

Nov. 2016-Annual Dayton MMRS Steering Committee meeting (Restricted due to topics)

Nov. 2016-Dayton Think Tank Founder (Crisis, Threat, Emergency and Disaster Management)

Nov. 2016-High Stakes Decision-making presentation at SAFE Symposium

Oct. 2016-Attended a mandatory counterintelligence briefing (WPAFB)

Oct. 2016-Power Platform 2 hour workshop for INFORMS Engineering Symposium

Oct. 2016-Led a Terrorism Case Studies 3-hour Workshop for Advanced Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) Analyst Bootcamp.

Sep. 2016-Power Platform 2 hour workshop for Advanced Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) Analyst Bootcamp.

Sep. 2016-Led a Terrorism 4 hour Workshop for Advanced Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) Analyst Bootcamp.

Sep. 2016-Power Platform workshop for BioStar Students.

Aug. 2016- 4-hour Terrorism Workshop specific to Dayton, Oakwood, and Cincinnati Police

Aug. 2016-Mindset of a Terrorist, terrorism workshops (am & pm for WSU Staff employees)

Aug. 2016-WSRI Meeting to discuss the creation of a Center of Excellence in Homeland Security and Terrorism

Jul. 2016-Dayton Think Tank, first meeting.

Jul. 2016-WDTN/FOX 45 TV News interview.

Jul. 2016-One of the leads for an Active Shooter Scenario involving VA/Dayton/Fairborn Police, SWAT, Hostage Negotiations.

Jul. 2016-TV interview, Dallas Shooting. Terrorism.

Jul. 2016-FBI Biosecurity workshops, one of the leads.

Jun. 2016-Led a 4hour Terrorism Workshop for Advanced Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) Analyst Bootcamp.

Jun. 2016-Abstract for OSHA Grant submitted.

May 2016-Abstract for SAFE ASSOCIATION National Meeting (military) submitted.

May 2016-FBI Chemical/Explosive training, invited to participate (and blow things up!)

May 2016-MedBiquitious Conference, Implementing Provider, Patient: Provider and Patient Facing Interventions in a Virtual Environment Johns Hopkins, Baltimore.

Apr. 2016-Invited Speaker Centerville Public Library, terrorism, >100 people in attendance.

Apr. 2016-Rotary Club invited speaker, terrorism.

Apr. 2016-Meeting with Dayton or on Think Tank and 4/5/6 Power Platform.

Apr. 2016-Awarded a doctorate, Dissertation topic “High-Stakes Decision-Making for Crisis Leadership.”

Mar. 2016-Fox 45/ABC 22 TV interview on the closing of Guantanamo Bay Prison (GITMO), Cuba.

Mar. 2016-Attended FBI brief on Homegrown Terrorism

Mar. 2016-Presented two workshops to the Staff Development day (total 92 attendees) 4/5/6 Power Platform.

Feb. 2016-Muscatine, IA Journal Published Article “Muscatine Native Examines the Psychological Impact of Terrorism.”

Feb. 2016-Invited guest on behalf of the United States, United Nations Conference on Human Rights of Victims of Terrorism, United Nations Headquarters, New York.

Feb. 2016-Keynote speaker, Defense Institute Study and Education (IDSE) Military Supply Chain Workshop.

Jan. 2016-Presented a half-day workshop on domestic terrorism for ATIC Analysis Bootcamp Students looking to get into the intelligence arena.

Jan. 2016-Led a lecture (100+ attendees) on the psychology behind the use of WMDs and terrorism.

Jan. 2016-Attended an international conference on simulations, WSU took home an award (#1) on Sim games; VA SimLEARN was #2. Workshops attended included two on qualitative methods some used in this research, and TED talks.

Dec. 2015-FOX 19 live TV interview on a new book. This interview was repeated on 20+ media news links in the state.

Dec. 2015-DDN Newspaper article on the new book. The article was published in several newspapers throughout the region.

Dec. 2015-Book published by Praeger/ABCClio, Weapons of Mass Psychological Destruction & the People That Use Them. (UPDATE Book makes “BEST SELLING LIST 2005 ”)

Oct. 2015-Led a Terrorism Workshop for Advanced Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) Analyst Bootcamp.

Oct. 2015-CBRN (Chem/Bio/Rad/Nuc) defense program was funded by the Medical School to go National, including hiring an Assoc. Director.

Oct. 2015-Attended a 3day course on Simulation development, including a visit to the military simulations research center (Florida)

Oct. 2015-Two papers (blind, peer-reviewed) accepted for oral presentations at a Management Conference in Columbus, one on decision-making, the other on meeting attendee behaviors and identifying bias.

Sep. 2015-Attended the Association for Medical Education Conference in Europe in Scotland.

May 2015-Received a Post-Doctoral Fellowship (before completing a doctorate) at the Dayton VAMC in Simulations. Was one of the leads for a Mass Casualty Incident that involved several medical centers and emergency response in the state.

Aug. 2014-Started an internship at the Dayton VA Medical Center (VAMC) continued on the book, spent time at NCMR, introduced to crisis gaming.

May 2014-IRB petition approved to identify anonymously meeting behaviors better to understand collaborative decision making, potential bias, and conflict management.

Sep. 2013-Started Doctoral Program in Organizational Studies (Leadership/Business)

Sep. 2013-Cohosted the FBI/WMD terrorism workshop, FBI, EHS, P&T            



End of Calendar



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