Terry L Oroszi, M.S., Ed.D.

Pharmacology & Toxicology-SOM
Associate Professor & Vice Chair, Pharmacology & Toxicology; Director, MS Graduate Program, P&T, BSOM; Director, CBRN Defense Certificate Program
Health Sciences Bldg 217, 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy., Dayton, OH 45435-0001

Vice Chair | Assoc. Professor | Program Manager | Homeland Security 

Crisis preparedness and strategic leadership expert driving organizational resilience through threat analysis, response strategy, cross-sector collaboration, and innovative leadership development.


Wright State University, Dayton, OH

  • Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), Organizational Studies, Business/Leadership Concentration. 
    • Dissertation: "A Preliminary Analysis of High-Stakes Decision-Making for Crisis Leadership."
  • Master of Science (M.S.), Biological Sciences (Molecular Genetics Concentration). 
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Biological Sciences (Evolutionary Biology Concentration). 


Security & Threat Assessment

  • Situation Awareness Specialist® - Advanced Practitioner (SAS-AP) Professional Certificate Program (Arcuri Group, 2021/2022)
  • Body Language Expert Program (FBI Ret. Joe Navarro Instructor, 2022-2023)
  • Paul Ekman Micro Expressions Training (Certifications in Micro Expressions, Micro Expressions Present Profile, Micro Expressions Intensive, and Subtle Expressions, 2023)
  • Fundamentals of Homeland Security Certificate Program (InfraGard/FBI, 2020) - including HLS-101, HLS-102, HLS-103, HLS-104, and PRM-101.
  • Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Exploitation Course (Counter-Terrorism Watch/NFCA, 2020)

Leadership Development

  • InfraGard FBI Leadership Academy (2019)
  • FBI Citizens Academy (2018)
  • Boonshoft School of Medicine Leadership Academy (2017-2018)
  • Executive Coaching for Leadership Development (2015 - 2017)

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Faculty Training (Boonshoft School of Medicine, 2021-2022)

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

  • Post-doctoral Fellowship in Advanced Clinical Simulations/Medical Education (Dayton VA Medical Center, 2015-2016)



Senior Research Engineer, Next Level Analytics (2023 - Present)

  • CBRN consulting work for the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Provide strategic analysis and risk assessment to the Department of Homeland Security on CBRN threats.
  • Develop threat mitigation, detection and process plans to enhance national security.

Vice Chair, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology | Boonshoft School of Medicine, WSU (2021-Present)

  • Leadership Accomplishments:
    • Strategic Growth: Drove expansion of program offerings and enrollment, resulting in a significant revenue increase ($250k to $3M+). Successfully negotiated tuition adjustments, scholarships and strategic partnerships to broaden accessibility and reach.
    • Faculty Development: Proactively recruited and onboarded high-quality adjunct faculty to enhance course offerings and address workload demands, bolstering the department's instructional capacity.
    • Operational Excellence: Led comprehensive program assessments, identifying areas for improvement and implementing data-driven changes to enhance student outcomes and faculty satisfaction.
    • Policy & Governance: Revised departmental workloads, policies, and bylaws. Fostered transparency, alignment with institutional goals, and a collaborative working environment.
    • Innovation & Resource Development: Established the CBRNE Testing and Analytics Laboratory, securing resources and partnerships to position the department as a leader in the field.

Associate Professor (2016 - Present), Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Boonshoft School of Medicine, Wright State University

  • Security & Threat Assessment: Research and teaching on violent extremism, its root causes, and strategies for countering violent extremist movements.
  • Leadership & Crisis Decision-Making: Development and delivery of courses on leadership principles and effective decision-making in critical situations.
  • Healthcare & Homeland Security: Exploration of the intersection of public health preparedness and national security concerns.

Director, MS Graduate Programs (2008 - Present)

  • Leadership Accomplishments:
    • Led 500% revenue growth through innovative initiatives.
    • Negotiated strategic partnerships with industry experts and government agencies enhancing program offerings.
    • Developed new degree courses, tracks, concentrations, certificates and microcredentials.

Director, CBRN Certificate Program (2012 - Present)

  • Leadership Accomplishments:
    • Founded and directed a nationally recognized CBRN program offering unique learning experiences.
    • Secured reduced tuition rates for government employees, broadening program accessibility.
    • Stood up new CBRN Testing and Analysis Laboratory

Chairperson & Co-Founder, The Dayton Think Tank (2016 - Present)

  • Strategic Partnerships: Co-founded a crisis management think tank with former Dayton Mayor, partnering with academia, government, and first responders to enhance community preparedness.
  • Community Impact: Mission of crisis preparedness.



Strategic Planner/Program Manager, Henry Jackson Foundation (2016 - 2018)

  • Collaborated with military and scientific teams to develop a joint strategic plan within the Aerospace Toxicology Program, optimizing research and resource allocation.
  • Managed scientific roadmaps and research initiatives, aligning them with the needs of Air Force personnel.
  • Promoted program capabilities to key stakeholders, securing funding and support for critical research efforts.

Director, Pharmacology Genetic Testing Facility (2005 - 2011)

  • Oversaw fiscal management and regulatory compliance for the laboratory animal research facility ensuring adherence to ethical and scientific standards.
  • Acted as a liaison between key departments, facilitating effective communication and problem-solving across teams.

Staff Scientist/Laboratory Manager (2003 - 2012)

  • Managed laboratory operations and budgets, ensuring efficient resource allocation for multiple research projects.
  • Led and mentored a diverse team of scholars, post-doctorates, and students, driving collaborative research initiatives on diabetes, Sarin nerve agent exposure, and cardiovascular health.
  • Oversaw project timelines and troubleshooting, ensuring research goals were met and contributing to scientific advancements.

Assistant Director, STREAMS Program (2007 - 2009)

  • Developed and managed budgets for diversity-focused research initiatives, collaborating with stakeholders to secure funding and ensure program success.
  • Developed engaging courses and activities, enhancing the learning experience for trainees. 

Assistant Director, MS Program (2005 - 2006)

  • Managed all aspects of the MS graduate program, including student support, course development, and teaching coordination. 

CLASS (2001 - 2003) Creating Laboratory Access for Science Students.

  • Promoted inclusivity in science education by adapting laboratory practices for students with disabilities, ensuring a supportive learning environment. 



Crisis Response & Resilience

  • Developed and led crisis leadership training for Afghan women activists in a high-risk environment, utilizing deception techniques to maintain operational security. Enhanced participants' resilience, decision-making, and resource management skills under extreme pressure.

Cross-Cultural Collaboration

  • Mentored and developed leadership skills of female Indian Dalit Caste students through 6-month internships. Facilitated successful cross-cultural negotiations, fostering empowerment and professional growth for marginalized individuals.

Gandhi Legacy Tour

  • Collaborated with Tushar Gandhi to organize and promote the Gandhi Legacy Tour, overseeing marketing, logistics, and recruitment. Facilitated complex international partnerships and ensured seamless event execution.



Wright State University Graduate Level Course Developer 

  • Intro to Domestic Terrorism
  • Leadership: Theory & Application
  • Case Studies for CBRN Defense
  • Effective Scientific Writing
  • Leadership: Theory and Application
  • Healthcare and Homeland Security 
  • Clinical Investigation Capstone
  • Human Studies Research
  • Introduction to Research
  • Advanced Writing      
  • Medical Biological Defense    
  • Statistics

The Advanced Technical Intelligence Center for Human Capital Development Intelligence Analyst Bootcamp Workshop Series Creator

  • Power Platform
  • Introduction to Terrorism
  • Terrorism Case Studies

Arcuri Group

Body Language Analysis for Threat Identification (Course Developer) Training in microexpressions, situational awareness, and deception detection for enhanced security.



Navigating Difficult Conversations: A Crucial Conversations Simulation

Developed and facilitated role-playing scenarios based on the Crucial Conversations framework, allowing participants to practice delivering difficult news, manage emotions, and employ conflict resolution techniques. Skills Focus: Enhances conflict resolution, effective communication, and emotional intelligence in challenging workplace situations.

Meeting Dynamics & Behavior Analysis: An Interactive Simulation

Developed an immersive workshop where participants role-play 16 meeting personalities, employing verbal and nonverbal cues. Facilitated analysis sessions to enhance observational skills and understanding of group dynamics. Skills Focus: Promotes critical thinking, observation skills, and the ability to identify and address disruptive meeting behaviors.

The 4/5/6 Power Platform: Understanding & Enhancing Your Leadership Style

Interactive workshop employing the 4/5/6 Power Platform game and self-assessment tools to increase participants' understanding of personal leadership styles, strengths, and weaknesses. Guides students in identifying areas for growth and applying concepts from Primal Leadership for improved leadership effectiveness. Skills Focus: Fosters leadership self-awareness, targeted skill development, and strategic decision-making.

The Art of the Elevator Speech Workshop

Instructed students on the principles of effective elevator speeches, emphasizing message clarity, tailoring content for different audiences, and delivering with confidence. Facilitated in-class simulations, providing real-time feedback and scenarios for students to practice adaptability. Skills Focus: Promotes concise communication, persuasive messaging, and the ability to present oneself professionally in time-limited scenarios.



  • Served as primary advisor for over 100 M.S. Graduate students (2016-present), supporting thesis development, research direction, and career goals.
  • Doctoral Support: Direct, Participate and Resident advisor on Doctoral Dissertation Committees, providing subject matter expertise and mentorship (2017-present).



  • Oxidized lipids and microvesicle particles as effectors for chemical threats to skin (NIH/NIAMS). Co-Investigator. Award 1R34AR082554-01.
  • Examining the Social and Behavioral Dynamics between Cyber Social Threats and Offline Consequences (Department of Justice). Co-Investigator (Submitted: March 2024, Proposal 23-0370-P001).
  • Building a Social and Behavioral Open Knowledge Network (National Science Foundation). Co-Investigator (Under Review - Submitted: Feb 2024, Proposal 23-0370-P001).
  • Actionable Sensemaking Tools for Curating and Authenticating Information in the Presence of Misinformation during Crises (NSF Convergence Accelerator Track F). Paid Consultant. $10,000 (Awarded: 2023).
  • Invent2prevent Targeted Violence & Terrorism (DHS-funded Program for Students). Co-Principal Investigator. $2K budget per team (awarded).
  • CBRN Defense Program Expansion (Boonshoft School of Medicine). Director. $20,000 (awarded).
  • Administrative supplement to provide summer research experiences for students or science educators (NIH/NHLBI, May 2009). $45,000 (awarded, Notice NOT- OD09-060).
  • National Science Foundation (2001) Taking CLASS Outdoors, and Into the Community. CLASS, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, 45435. Funding Agency - Michele Wheatly - National Science Foundation ($9,792 awarded).
  • Characterization of Putative Spider Monkey Subspecies Within the Population at Curu Biological Preserve in Costa Rica. Co-Funded Wright State University College of Science and Math, and the Department of Biological Sciences (awarded, 2000).
  • Identification of A Chromosome Defect in Howler Monkey in Costa Rica. Co-Funded Wright State University College of Science and Math, and The Department of Biological Sciences (awarded, 2000).





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Children's Book

  1. FBI Special Agent Maya the Monkey: The Case of the Missing Bananas
  2. FBI Special Agent Maya the Monkey: The Case of the Missing Toddler

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International & National

  • The American Terrorist (The National Liberal Club, London, Aug. 2023)
  • The American Terrorist: Finding Patterns in the Data (ASIS GSX, Atlanta GA, Sept. 2022, National Homeland Security Conference, Cleveland OH, July 2022, and others)
  • Homeland/Corporate Security and Leadership (Slippery Rock University, Nov. 2022)
  • WoBB.ai ERG Fireside Chat (Columbia MD, Oct. 2022)
  • Domestic Terrorism (CBRNe Convergence International Conference, Nov. 2021)
  • The American Terrorist; Finding Patterns in the Data (County of Cuyahoga, OH, Oct. 2021)
  • American Terrorist (InfraGard National Workshop, Apr. 2021)
  • Decision-making for Crisis Leadership (Infosys Webinar, India, Aug. 2020)
  • The American Terrorist (National Preparedness Summit, Dallas. TX. March 2020)
  • The Profile of an American Terrorist (NSA, Ft. Meade, Nov. 2019)
  • The American Terrorist (FBI Quantico, VA, Nov. 2019)
  • The American Terrorist (GSX, Chicago, Sept. 2019)
  • American Terrorism Briefing (House Intelligence and Armed Services Staff, Washington DC, July 2019)
  • The American Terrorist: Everything You Need to Know... (National Homeland Security Conference. Phoenix, AZ, June 2019)
  • The American Terrorist (Michigan InfraGard Annual Meeting, Detroit, May 2019)
  • DoD Toxicology Initiative (Edgewood/Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, Aug. 2018)
  • Crisis Management: Crisis Decision-Making (GSX, Dallas, Sept. 2017)
  • Terrorism (Attack of the Politicos Podcast, June 2017)
  • High Stakes Decision-Making Model (National Homeland Security Conference, Buffalo, June 2017)
  • DoD Toxicology Efforts (TriService Tox Consortium WPAFB, steamed nationally, Aug. 2017)
  • High Stakes Decision-making for Crisis Leadership (SAFE Association Annual Conference, Dayton, Oct. 2016)
  • Invited guest on behalf of the United States ... (United Nations Conference on Human Rights of Victims of Terrorism, New York, Feb. 2016)


  • Nonverbal Communication/Analysis, Wright State Physicians, Professional Development. (Nov. 2023)
  • Body Language Analysis, Department Seminar, WSU Pharmacology & Toxicology Dept. (Oct. 2023)
  • American Terrorism (Dayton BOMA, Kettering, April 2023)
  • TEDX: Recognizing At-Risk Individuals ... (Dayton, OH, Oct. 2022)
  • The American Terrorist (Toledo InfraGard Webinar, June 2020)
  • Know Your Power (Institute of Management Accountants, Cincinnati, Feb. 2020)
  • Understanding the Path Toward Radicalization (InfraGard Central Ohio, Nov. 2019)
  • 4/5/6 Power Platform Workshops & The American Terrorist (IACT Program, Dayton, 2019, 2018)
  • The American Terrorist: Book Talk & Signing (The Dayton Club, Apr. 2019)
  • The American Terrorist (Beavercreek Rotary, Mar. 2019, Dept. Seminar - Pharm/Tox BSOM, Feb. 2019, InfraGard Dayton, Feb. 2019)
  • The Ohio American Terrorist (Centerville Optimist Club, Nov. 2018)
  • Terrorism and 9/11 (Kettering Optimist Club, Sept. 2018)
  • Toxicology & Health Risk Assessment ... (Tri-Service Toxicology Conference, WPAFB, Aug. 2018)
  • Profile of an American Terrorist (Centerville Optimist Club, July 2018)
  • Meeting Behaviors... (Cincinnati IMA North, May 2018)
  • Egos at the Table... (Staff Development Day, WSU, Mar. 2018)
  • Analysis of an American Terrorist (ATIC, Beavercreek, OH, multiple dates)
  • Americans Killing Americans ... (Cincinnati InfraGard, May 2017)
  • Terrorism (Peace Rally Dayton, Apr. 2017, InfraGard Dayton, Mar. 2017)
  • Introduction to Terrorism (ATIC, Feb. 2017)
  • Women in Business Luncheon Speaker (Xenia Chamber of Commerce, Feb. 2017)
  • Recognizing a Potential Terrorist with Case Study. BioStar Program. Wright State University. Fairborn. OH. Jan. 2017
  • Power Platform Workshop 4-Hour Workshop. Advanced Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC). Beavercreek. OH. Jan. 2017
  • The Mindset of a Terrorist. Co-speaker. Dr. Larry James. Centerville Public Library. Centerville. OH. April 2016
  • Power: Perspective. Platforms. and Paradigms. WSU's Power and Leadership Staff Development Day. Wright State University. Beavercreek. OH. Mar. 2016
  • Keynote speaker. Defense Institute Study and Education (IDSE.) Military Supply Chain Workshop. Wright State Foundation. Wright State University. Beavercreek. OH. Feb. 2016
  • Weapons of Mass Psychological Destruction. Co-speakers. Dr. Larry James. Dr. William Ayres. and FBI. (Ret) SA Tim Shaw. Friends of the Library Lecture Series. Wright State University. Beavercreek. OH. Feb. 2016
  • Americans' Participation in Islamic Extremism. Advanced Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC). Beavercreek. OH. Feb. 2016
  • Americans' Participation in Islamic Extremism. 8-Hour Workshop. Advanced Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC). Beavercreek. OH. Oct. 2015
  • A New Model for Collaborative Decision Making. VA Simulations Center. VAMC Dayton. OH. April 2015
  • Traditional Faculty Meeting Style Is Not Conducive to Group Decision-making. Midwest Academy of Management Conference. Columbus. OH. Oct. 2015
  • Egos at The Table. A Study of Meeting Behaviors. Midwest Academy of Management Conference. Columbus. OH. Oct. 2015
  • 4-5-6 Power Platform. Midwest Academy of Management Doctoral Consortium. Columbus. OH. Oct. 2015
  • The Use of Power in Organizations. Qualifying Defense. CEHS. WSU. Fairborn. OH. May 2015
  • Genotyping Mice. Pharmacology/Toxicology Department. School of Medicine. Wright State University. July 2003
  • Identification and Characterization of Short Repeated DNA Sequences in Artiodactyl and Insectivore Genomes. Spring Sing. Wright State University Department of Biological Sciences Department. Fairborn. OH. May 2000
  • Evolution and Function of Highly Repeated Short Sequences in The Artiodactyl Genome. Cincinnati Zoo. Cincinnati. OH. 1999 Evolution and Function of Highly Repeated Short Sequences in The Artiodactyl Genome.
  • Biological Sciences Molecular Retreat Dayton Biotechnology Group. Engineers Club. Dayton. OH. 1999
  • DNA Profiling. Guest Seminar for STREAMS mentor program. Wright State University. 1999



US Army 1984 – 1988 (Active) 1988 – 1992 (Inactive)



Wright State University

  • Leadership:
    • WSU Faculty Senator (2019 – Present)
    • WSU Faculty Senate Executive Committee (2022 – Present)
    • WSU International Program Oversight Committee (IEAC), Chair (2021-2023)
  • Committees:
    • WSU Emergency and Crisis Committee (2023 – Present)
    • WSU Commencement Committee (2022 – Present)
    • WSU Building and Grounds Committee (2022 – Present)
    • WSU Woods Committee (2022 – Present)
    • WSU Medical Advisory Group (2022 – Present)
    • BSOM Faculty Promotions and Advancement Committee (2023 – Present)
    • BSOM Continuing Medical Education Committee (CME) (2016 – Present)
    • Faculty Senate Ad Hoc International Graduate Student Success Committee
    • Various Pharmacology & Toxicology (PTX) Department Committees


  • Leadership:
    • The Liberty Coalition (Board Member, Security & Leadership Director)
  • Memberships:
    • Gerson Lehrman Group Council Member
    • Phi Beta Delta International Honors Society
    • The Association for Medical Education in Europe


  • Leadership:
    • InfraGard National Members Alliance/FBI (Officer & Vice Chair of Education Committee)
  • Memberships:
    • American Psychological Association (Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict, and Violence - Division 48)
    • American College of Medical Toxicology
    • NYPD Shield
    • DoD Homeland Defense Information Analysis Center (Subject Matter Expert)
    • Joint Chief CWMD (Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction) Education Consortium (Washington DC)
    • CBRN Industry Group (Washington DC)
    • American Council on Education


  • Leadership:
    • Steering Committee, Season for Nonviolence, International Peace Museum
    • Past President, InfraGard, Dayton Alliance Chapter/FBI.
    • Chairperson of the Board, The Dayton Think Tank
  • Other Memberships:
    • Executive Director, Simman Wound Board (past)
    • Institute for Operations Research and Management (INFORMS)
    • Midwest Academy of Management (MAM)


Professional Service

  • Chief Editor, InfraGard Publication (2021 - Present)
  • FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (Regional) (2024)


Awards & Honors

  • InfraGard Leadership Regional Award (2021)
  • iWoman Global Award Jury Award, "Woman Icon" (2020)
  • Michelle Obama Role Model of Excellence Award (2010)
  • College of Science and Mathematics Award for Outstanding Teaching (1999) 




Leadership and Crisis Management

  • Strategic Planning: Drove significant initiatives, negotiated partnerships, and secured funding to enhance program impact and revenue growth.
  • Decision-Making: Developed and taught courses on crisis decision-making, leadership principles, and homeland security.
  • Crisis Response: Established and directed crisis leadership training programs; mentored and developed female leaders in high-risk scenarios.
  • Collaboration: Led interdisciplinary teams in research; founded and directed think tanks focused on crisis preparedness.
  • Resource Management: Oversaw project timelines, budgets, staff, and laboratory operations to ensure research alignment and efficiency.

Research and Analysis

  • Threat Assessment: Expertise in counterterrorism, violent extremism, security risks, and CBRN threats.
  • Data Analysis: Conducted extensive research on terrorism, including a 20-year study of American terrorists. Published scholarly articles and books.
  • Scientific Research: Background in molecular genetics and biological sciences; expertise in grant writing, scientific investigations, and regulatory compliance.

Teaching and Curriculum Development

  • Course Development: Built courses in terrorism, leadership, homeland security, research methods, and scientific writing. Designed and facilitated workshops and simulations on complex topics.
  • Curriculum Revision: Assessed departmental workload and program offerings; revised policies, bylaws, and curricula for efficiency and student success.
  • Mentorship: Advised graduate students; supported dissertations; provided career guidance, particularly for marginalized populations.


  • Public Speaking: Presented research at conferences, guest lectures, and media interviews; gave TEDx talk.
  • Instruction: Taught a range of university-level courses in medical and scientific fields.
  • Writing: Published numerous scholarly articles, books, editorials, and grant proposals, demonstrating clear, concise, and persuasive writing tailored to diverse audiences.

Additional Competencies

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Led and participated in DEI training and initiatives.
  • Technology: Proficient with various software and online platforms; experience in microexpression analysis and open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools.
  • Innovation: Established CBRN testing laboratory and certificate program; focus on creative solutions and disruptive innovation.
  • Global Perspective: Experience with international partners, cross-cultural collaboration, and the intersection of crisis management and global security.






  • Doctor of Education. Organizational Studies, Leadership Concentration, Business Focus. Dissertation: "A Preliminary Analysis of High-Stakes Decision-Making for Crisis Leadership."
  • Post Doc Fellowship Dayton VA Simulations Center
  • InfraGard FBI Leadership Academy
  • FBI Citizens Academy
  • Wright State University's Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Faculty Dialogue Training (8 Months)
  • Boonshoft School of Medicine Leadership Academy
  • Situational Awareness Specialist Advanced Practitioner
  • Executive Coaching, 1.5 years, Dr. John Rudisill


  • Vice-Chair, Pharmacology & Toxicology
  • WSU BSOM Faculty Senator, Exec. Committee
  • Director, Pharmacology & Toxicology Graduate Programs
  • Director, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Defense Certificate Program
  • Director, Pharmacology Genetic Testing Facility, Boonshoft School of Medicine
  • Strategic Planner/ Program Manager, Henry Jackson Foundation, WPAFB, Dayton, OH
  • Chairperson and Founder, The Dayton Think Tank
  • Assistant Director Pharmacology & Toxicology Graduate Programs
  • Assistant Director, STREAMS Program (Short-Term Training Program to Increase Diversity in Health-Related Research)


  • Secretary, InfraGard National Members Alliance
  • FBI JTTF Executive Board (Regional)
  • Wright State University Faculty Senator
  • President, InfraGard, Dayton Alliance Chapter
  • InfraGard National Members Alliance Officer (Secretary)
  • Director, Simman Wound Board 
  • The Liberty Coalition. Board member (Security and Leadership Director) 


  • PTX-7006 (3 Credit Hrs.) Leadership: Theory and Application
  • Power Platform (Personal Leadership)
  • Egos at the Table (Meeting Behaviors)
  • Crucial Conversations (Giving bad news with good judgment) 


  • DSS801 - Systems Thinking in an Org. Setting
  • HEA924 - Infusing Systems Thinking into Higher Education Organizations
  • MGT7060 - Organizations Development and Change
  • MBA7500 - Leadership and Ethics
  • PSC7920 - Security Risk Management
  • LDR8030 - Financial Management & Leadership in Org.
  • DOS9000 - Colloquium in Organizational Studies
  • DOS9010 - History & Theory of Organizations
  • DOS9020 - Organizational Leadership Skills
  • DOS9030 - Systems and Change in Org. Settings
  • DOS9040 - Organizations in a Global Environment
  • HEA9240 - Infusing Systems Thinking into Higher Education Organizations
  • DOS9800 - Internship in Organizational Studies


  • Oroszi, T. (2020), Power in the Workplace, Finding an Alternative to the Iron Fist, Open Journal of Leadership, Vol. 9, No. 2, PP 97-112
  • Oroszi, T. (2020), Disruption Innovation and Theory, Journal of Service Science and Management, Vol. 13, No. 4, PP 449 – 458
  • Oroszi, T. (2020), Group Interaction, and Behavior in Meetings: A New Assessment Tool to Monitor Group Behavior, Creative Education, Vol. 11, No. 4, PP 596-604
  • Oroszi, T. (2020), Egos at the Table, a Study of Meeting Behaviors, Psychology. Vol.11 No. 4, PP 636-645
  • Oroszi, T. (2020), Organizational Meeting Style is Not Conducive to Group Decision Making, Advances in Applied Psychology, Vol. 10 No. 4, PP 115-127
  • Oroszi, T. (2018), A preliminary analysis of high-stakes decision-making for crisis leadership. Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning, 11(4), PP 335 – 359.
  • Oroszi, T. (2019), Contextual Factors Influencing CBRN Leadership Decision-Making. In Lukey, B. J., Romano Jr, J. A., & Salem, H. (Eds.). Chemical Warfare Agents: Biomedical and Psychological Effects, Medical Countermeasures, and Emergency Response, CRC Press (ISBN|9781498769211)


  • InfraGard Member Alliance (IMA) Regional Leadership Award
  • iWoman Global Award 2020 Jury award "Woman Icon
  • Michelle Obama Role Model of Excellence Award


A Champion for Peace, Human Rights, and a Life Dedicated to Service

Terry Oroszi has spent her career advocating for change, whether it be shifting the perspectives of those influenced by extreme beliefs or promoting education for all. Her staunch support for human rights and empowering others exemplify her ultimate goal: to make a lasting positive difference in people's lives.

Dr. Oroszi's dedication to peacebuilding is multifaceted. Her work as a board member of the Liberty Coalition and co-founder of the Dayton Think Tank highlights her commitment to tackling critical issues like and crisis management at their core within ther community and beyond. Her partnership with Tushar Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi's great-grandson, and her involvement in initiatives like the "Season for Nonviolence" demonstrate her passion for promoting Gandhian principles of nonviolence and conflict resolution.

Beyond promoting peace, Dr. Oroszi is a relentless advocate for human rights. Her work includes empowering Afghan women through leadership training, mentoring women from marginalized communities in India, and actively supporting social justice efforts. Whether it's her TEDx talk on identifying individuals susceptible to violent extremism or her fundraising efforts to bring the Gandhi and King family members to Dayton, Dr. Oroszi consistently seeks to educate, inspire, and empower others to choose a path of peace and understanding.

Dr. Oroszi's commitment to service transcends national borders. Her research delves into healthcare security, safeguarding vulnerable populations from pandemics and bioterrorism. Her publications and presentations at national and international conferences illuminate these complex issues, fostering global collaboration in the face of shared threats. Driven by a deep understanding of human behavior, Dr. Oroszi incorporates micro expressions training into her leadership programs, empowering individuals to make sound decisions in critical moments. This expertise extends to her work with the FBI and InfraGard, where she hones her skills in threat assessment and open-source intelligence analysis, contributing directly to national security efforts.

Her achievements have not gone unnoticed. Her dedication has earned her prestigious awards like the iWoman Global Icon Award and the Michelle Obama Role Model of Excellence Award, but her true reward lies in the countless lives she touches and the positive change she ignites.

Whether you encounter her as a professor, author, security expert, or humanitarian leader, one thing remains constant: Terry Oroszi is a force for good. Her remarkable journey and multifaceted contributions inspire us all to fight for a world where peace, justice, and human dignity prevail. Her dedication to protecting lives and fostering preparedness serves as an inspiration to all who strive for a safer, more secure future.


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